Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday 9: Venus in Blue Jeans

Saturday 9: Venus in Blue Jeans (1962)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Like the dream girl described in this song, Sam is wearing jeans as she composes this Saturday 9. Is there a lot of denim in your wardrobe?

A. There is some, yes. And I have on a pair of blue jeans right now. Not Gloria Vanderbilt's, though. I never could wear those.

2) Jimmy Clanton likens this girl to the Venus de Milo, the ancient Greek sculpture made of marble and now on display at the Louvre. Is there any marble in your home?

A. I don't think so.

3) He refers to his girl as "Mona Lisa with a pony tail." The Mona Lisa is also at the Louvre. What's the last museum you visited?

A. The local museum of history.

4) This girl is so awesome, she's the 8th Wonder of the World! Without looking it up, could you name the other 7?

A. Nope. Natural Bridge here in Virginia used to proclaim it was one of the Wonders of the World but I don't think it is. I would guess they are the pyramids, the Coliseum in Athens, the Sistine Chapel, Stonehenge, the Grand Canyon, and . . . I don't know what else. Now let me go look it up.

I didn't do very well. Of course I also discovered there is an old list and a new list, so who knows, really.

5) Jimmy Clanton spent his entire professional life behind a microphone. After he quit selling records, he began spinning them as a DJ. Do you consider the sound of your voice one of your better qualities?

A. No. I can sing ok but not as well as I once did, and I have a good southern twang when I speak.

6) At age 80, Mr. Clanton still performs. He averaged an appearance/month in 2018. Some of his fans were surprised that he has let his pompadour go completely white. Do you color your hair?

A. I do not. It's salt-and-pepper, although every time I have it cut it appears my hair is more gray when the hairdresser is finished.

7) In 1962, when this song was popular, Americans were reading about 5-year-old First Daughter, Caroline Kennedy, and her pony, Macaroni. Tell us about a pet you had when you were very young.

A. We had two Dalmatian dogs, Prince and Princess. I think they were both run over by the milk truck.

8) Decades later, Caroline Kennedy was the first woman to serve as US Ambassador to Japan. Have you ever been to Asia?

A. No.

9) Random question: When talking among themselves, who do you think is more open and honest about sex -- men or women?

A. Women.


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  1. I couldn't remember the 7 wonders either, except for one guess I made. Then I too discovered there was an old and new list. How about that? Sad about your dogs.

  2. Prince and Princess sounds like the dg we had, he loved chasing cars and every once in a while he would come limping back home.

  3. Oh poor Prince and Princess! Have a great Saturday!

  4. I'm jealous of your hair! I have mine highlighted so the gray will be less noticeable. When I retire and am no longer competing with millennails for assignments, I will let it go gray.

  5. I, like you, am going natural and the silver is highlighting mine now! HAHA, I mentioned Natural Bridge in mine as well, and you're right it was advertized that way, shamefully!!

  6. I love the photos in your header!

    I'm hoping that my hair will ultimately be pure white--my grandmother and father both did.

  7. So WITH you on the world wonders. That is an old Upper class British thing anyway. I just named off a bunch of stuff.
    Oh so sad about your childhood pet dogs. Dalmatians are truck chasers, that's true. 💔
    And, so far, that's three of us who haven't been to Asia.

  8. Good for you! I did not even try to remember the Wonders of the World.
    I did not know how to answer #9. I do not talk about sex with people. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!


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