Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing

I say ... and you think ... ?

    Hurry! :: House is on fire!

    Dumb :: as a bag of hammers.

    Fudge :: Best stuff ever made.

    Sturdy :: Husband.

    Printing :: Wish it was my book that I've not written and probably never will.

    Itch :: Poison oak!

    Creaks :: Steps.

    Paste :: First grade.

    Waste of time :: Trying to change someone else's mind.

    Let down :: 2016.

    Cancellation :: Didn't want to go anyway.

    Suspect :: Probably a white male with a gun.

    Fireplace :: Where I burned my first diary and $200 in $20 bills. The first was intentional; the latter was not.

    Spring :: Flowers, pollen, allergies, warmer weather.

    Commute :: Glad I don't have one.

    Places :: Ireland, New Zealand, somewhere over seas.

    Fraud :: Oh jeez.

    Adoption :: Not economically feasible for us but I am glad others can manage.

    Election :: Vote blue in 2020!

    Moving day :: I will be older than dirt and maybe even that dead.

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  1. My aunt is a retired grade school teacher from a rural school system.

    For class Thanksgiving decorations, she had the student go into the woods and gather pretty plants with red berries.

    Whole class came down with poison ivy.

    The next year she instructed the children to avoid the poison ivy. Whole class came down with poison oak.

    The third year you are probably thinking the whole class came down with poison sumac.

    Nope. She had the class cut leaves out of construction paper.

  2. I couldn't agree more with your response to "waste of time." I want to bang my head off the wall every time I go near Facebook for that reason. Everyone so busy posting all the political memes and no one is changing anyone's mind...just stop, for heaven's sake, and let Facebook be fun again!

    Burning the diary, I get. How on earth did you come to burn $200?? That would make me as sick as when our dog ate a good bit of money as a puppy.

    1. The money was in an envelope; it was my Christmas bonus from my first job, and it got caught up in some other papers and . . . that was that. At the time it was quite traumatic.

  3. You have a lot of thought provoking answers (cancellation, suspect)

  4. I went a similar poison ivy to itch...I am so allergic to both poison ivy and poison oak. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

  5. I can just imagine our reaction when you realized you'd burned the money! That hurts!

    I definitely agree with you on "election" !!

  6. Bag of hammers? Have not heard that before. I always heard dumb as dirt but that saying is pretty dumb In itself.


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