Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thursday Thirteen

Wisdom from the candy wrappers:

1. Embrace optimism.

2. Cherish the blossoms.

3. Be happy.

4. Be you.

5. Embrace new beginnings.

6. Feel the sunshine.

7. Enjoy spring flowers.

8. Spring is a promise of new hope.

9. Spring into spring.

10. Take time to smell the flowers.

11. Spring has sprung.

12. Take a deep breath & exhale.

13. We're all stories in the end; just make it a good one.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here if you want to read other Thursday Thirteens and/or play along. I've been playing for a while and this is my 600th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday. Or so sayth the Blogger counter, anyway.


  1. I thought those would be messages found on tea boxes. I'm off to listen to birdsong!

  2. I meant to do a T13 this week. Just getting over the tax season crunch. I'm not sure how I'll do next week, though, because then I'm doing other work. I swear, if it isn't one thing then it's another.

    Thanks for stopping by. You make me feel welcome.


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