Monday, March 25, 2019

Be Nice!

Yesterday my husband and I went to an auction preview to look at farm machinery.

This wasn't my thing, really. It was dusty and there were people smoking and way more people there than I'd anticipated.

We ran into my father and I walked with him back to my car, leaving my husband to mill around looking at tractors and fence posts. My dad left, and I sat in the car listening to an audiobook.

The road was a single lane dirt road. I was pulled off to the side on the passenger's side, facing into the area of the farm machinery. People were coming and going, pulling over and riding big SUVs down into fields.

Then came the stand off.

A huge red truck with two men in it came roaring up the drive on the way out. In my rearview mirror, I saw a big white truck coming in.

The white truck had a handicapped sticker hanging from its mirror.

The big red truck was not moving over. The white truck was not moving.

Both sat there, engines revving. I saw the heavily bearded guy in the red truck give the guy in the white truck the finger.

I didn't look in my rear view mirror quickly enough to see the other man's reaction.

This went on for a while, the two trucks sitting there about three car lengths apart, each revving its engine. Traffic began to back up behind both. Finally the man in the white truck drove off to the side and the red truck passed, only to have to pull off into the field anyway because there were so many other vehicles behind the white truck trying to enter the farm auction area.

I'm not sure who the jerk was in that scenario but I think probably the guy in the red truck simply because he was younger and the guy in the white truck had a handicapped sticker. The handicapped sticker alone should have meant the guy in the red truck should have given way, in my opinion (which I know counts as nothing).

But we don't live in days of courtesy anymore. We live in the days of who has the biggest truck, I guess.


  1. Yes you are correct! No more courtesy anymore! Not for women or elderly! Annster's Domain

  2. Male bravado... had it been two females they would have both pulled to opposite sides and shared the road . We are used to having to givie in to others.

  3. Karma got the red truck driver. Ha!


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