Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday 9: Sweet City Woman

Saturday 9: Sweet City Woman (1971)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. (Nice oldie but a goodie.)

1) The lyrics tell us the singer is on his way to catch a train and he really wants to be on time. When is the last time you were late for something?

A. I am rarely late. I can't remember the last time I was late for anything in recent years.

2) He sings he's on his way to meet a woman known for her macaroons. What's your favorite cookie?

A. Chocolate chip. Preferably homemade, Nestles Tollhouse recipe.

3) His girlfriend's face is so pretty she lights up the city night. How many lights are in the room you're in? How many are switched on?

A. Just the overhead light, which has four of those energy-saving bulbs in it.

4) This is the rare top 40 tune that prominently features a banjo. Sam has always been crazy about the sound of a banjo. What sound makes you smile? (It doesn't have to be a musical instrument. Think bacon sizzling, church bells, etc.)

A. I play the guitar so I love guitar music. Sam might be interested to know I have played the banjo, too, a long time ago. It has been a while since I picked up that instrument, though. I also love the sound of my husband's voice (Yes, I am a sap. Sue me.).

5) 47 years after their record was a hit, The Stampeders still tour every summer, playing festivals across the US and their native Canada. Do you enjoy live music under the stars? Or would you prefer to be seated in a theater?

A. Because of cigarette smoking, which aggravates my asthma, I would have to go with an indoor theater where smoking is not allowed. There are many live music events locally that I would like to attend but someone always has to light up their cancer stick.

6) In 1971, when this song was popular on the radio, detective shows were popular on TV. Mannix, Ironside and Cannon were all in the Top 20. Who is your favorite TV detective?

A. I am partial to Cagney & Lacey, followed by Charlie's Angels.

7) Also in 1971, the Post Office Department was disbanded as a Cabinet department and became The United States Postal Service. When did you last go to the post office? Were you mailing something? Buying stamps? Picking up a package? Renewing your passport?

A. Buying stamps.

8) Race car legend Jeff Gordon was born in 1971. Do you watch NASCAR?

A. Not only have I watched it, I have been to live races. My husband is a huge NASCAR fan so the race is on every Sunday (or Saturday night if they are racing then). We went to the May race in Charlotte, NC one year and I nearly passed out from the heat/odors/sweat/beer smell/black crap from the race cars. I decided then that while I will do a lot of things for my fellow, going to a race was no longer one of them. I did, however, take him to the Pocono track two years ago so he could ride around the race track at high speeds. That wasn't so bad - no crowd, and it was October.

9) Random question -- Do you have a vaccination scar? If so, where is it?

A. Mine is barely visible. It is on my right arm but you really have to look for it. It has faded over time. I did get my flu shot earlier this week. I don't know what counts as a reaction to the shot but my arm turned a nice scarlet red for about 24 hours and then it went away. The red place was about as big as my spread-out hand. I don't always get them but last January - April I stayed sick so I thought it might be best to try not to have that happen again.


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  1. Before they give you the flu shot, ask if it is PRESERVATIVE FREE. Some serums contain thimerosol(sp?) and I discovered that I react very badly to it. It was routinely in contact lens solution and it made my eyes so red and puffy that I couldn't keep the lenses in for more than a minute. My doctor told me it a flu shot with thimerosol likely won't *kill* me, but it certainly wouldn't be pleasant!

  2. We are cookie soul sisters! Chocolate chip and only the Toll House recipe will do. I got that from my grandfather who felt the same way.
    All the drinking (and bad behavior that goes with it) bothers me at the outdoor concerts, but I have to say it's rare that I smelled cigarette smoke. I smell pot more often at the concerts.

  3. You will love Connecticut no smoking in any public building.
    My cousin who used to own bar & restaurant was complaining about the law that it would drive away business. After the law was passed I didn't hear him saying anything about it, so I asked him and he said that the business actually picked up.He said non-smokers started to come in to eat

  4. Oh yes! God point about cigarettes! I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. My mom was a smoker and the smell is so gross. I loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  5. I loved Cagney & Lacey. And I used to collect the Charlie's Angels trading cards when I was in fifth or sixth grade. I wonder what ever happened to them?

  6. That toll house cookie recipe the BEST! And it is the basis for my favorite cookies. I changed the ingredients for my five year daughter Bee who was extremely allergic to chocolate and most nuts. I did it for brownies too, and we named called them Blondies for obvious reasons. lol
    Good warning about the flu shot.
    I love the sound of my hubby's voice, too. The nurse said that my blood pressure drops when he talks to me.
    Most California cities have no smoking in any enclosed area. Have a great week, CountryDew.🤗


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