Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Young Helpers

Because of health issues, a few household chores are difficult for me now, even ones that I used to tackle with ease.

The worst are mopping and using the vacuum, both of which utilize the abdominal muscles. My abdominal muscles are all messed up thanks to multiple surgeries and simply don't want to work properly anymore. While I'm much better than I was even six months ago, I still have trouble when something requires those muscles.

Coming to my rescue are these lovely young ladies:

Haylee and Megan.
These two young entrepreneurs started their own cleaning business about two years ago. They call themselves Peace, Love, and Cleaning. Isn't that a great name? Click here for their Facebook page.

I have used them for a number of chores. They help me with general cleaning as well as those pesky sometimes-tasks, like clearing out the garden after the season is over, or putting mulch around the roses.

They are cheerful, always willing, and seem to enjoy doing the unconventional - like helping me rehang curtains or clearing out a room that needs it (you should have seen my office before they started helping me tackle that! Yikes.). They even do windows.

My brother uses their services, too, and they are very good with his dogs. Yes, they will pet-sit or walk the dog or whatever you need.

They aren't fond of spiders and I think I grossed them out once when I had them clean dead stink bugs out of the fireplace, but they were troopers and worked through it. (Where did these stink bugs come from?)

I like that they are respectful and don't spend their time texting or otherwise gazing at their phones while they are working. When they are here to work, they work. They've become fairly speedy at doing things - I once watched in total amazement as they reorganized some cabinets for me. Zip, snap, and they were done.

They genuinely like people, I think. While I am technically old enough to be their mother, I told them to think of me as the crazy aunt. They liked that. We also have some common interests - Haylee plays guitar, as I do, and Megan loves Lord of the Rings. (We all know how much I love Lord of the Rings.)

Megan and Haylee are my go-to girls when something comes up that I can't tackle on my own. I recommend them to everyone I can, and they tell me they have a fairly full schedule now. I'm glad they are doing so well.

Megan helping out with dusting. I love it when they get the whole house looking great.

Haylee with the vacuum. Go Haylee! Go!


  1. I love this post!

    And I have the same touch lamp on my bedside table (where Megan is dusting).

  2. Glad that you have reliable and good help to make things a little easier for you. :-)

  3. That's great that you you have the help you need, when you need it and the work ethic is very refreshing to hear about! If I wasn't clear over on the western side of Pennsylvania I'd hire them!

  4. Oh, and my mom has that touch lamp, too!

  5. I absolutely love those two girls!!!! They always do a great job for me and my puppers adore them!!!


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