Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Stealing: Friday Questions

Sunday Stealing: Friday Questions

1. Have you ever tried to learn (or re-learn) a foreign language as an adult? Which one? What worked for you?

A. I had four years of Spanish in high school and have retained very little of it. Occasionally I try to pick it back up but I would not call any of my efforts successful.

2. Do you donate blood? Do you know your blood type?

A. No, and no. I was told not to donate blood because of some medication I take.

3. Have you ever been in a play or musical?

A. Only in grade school.

4. Do you use certain text or ring tones for specific people? Who gets their own? Or do you just use the default on your phone?

A. I use a ring tone from Lord of the Rings for everyone. I don't have enough people calling me to set separate tones for folks.

5. When did you get your first digital camera? Do you still shoot on actual film, or all digital now?

A. I think I went digital around 2000, when the newspaper began to use digital. I no longer use film, it is all digital.

6. What do you think someone else would say the most daring thing you’ve done is?

A. My husband says it is the time I went up into the sky in a two-seater airplane with a known drunk. Either that or the time I went up in a hot air balloon.

7. Do you talk with your hands?

A. I use my mouth.

8. Do you have a lucky number? What is it, and what is the story behind it?

A. I don't have a lucky number.

9. What kind of milk did you drink, growing up? And now?

A. When I was a baby I could not handle formula or cow's milk (early 1960s, women apparently had stopped breast feeding). I drank goat's milk. After a while I switched to cow's milk, but by the time I was 12 I stopped drinking it completely because it made me feel bad. I do not do dairy except for yogurt; for some reason I can handle that. I haven't had ice cream since I was about 12, so "have a hot fudge sundae" is on my bucket list.

10. What is your favorite kind of pie?

A. Chocolate pie, and I do not eat the crust unless it is graham cracker crust. I just eat the pie innards. I have always done that. I don't like pie crust.

11. Are you a note taker?

A. Yes.

12. Do you have an eclectic mug collection, or is your stuff all matchy matchy?

A. Eclectic.

13. Do you have a junk drawer in your house/garage/at work/wherever?

A. I have several of them.

14. What is the longest amount of time you’ve worked at one job – and what was/is it?

A. I have been a freelance writer since 1994.

15. How old were you when you took your first commercial flight? To where did you fly?

A. I was 16 and I took a trip overseas to Spain and France with a school group.


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  1. Yes, I'm no longer the only one with multiple junk drawers.

  2. I LOVE pie crust! It's the best part :)

  3. If it’s gummy, I won’t eat the bottom crust of a pie.
    I’ve been up in a bi-plane, with a PSA pilot. But he wasn’t a drunk. 😆
    And I just remembered another sort of junky drawer in the sewing room in the cutting table. 😂 it is, like the others filled with sewingroom related junk..

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  5. Stupid talk to text! Was trying to say I have never had goats milk but as a child I had fresh milk strained from a cow. It taste a little different than pasteurized. Up untill this year I gave blood regularly. I try to help people when and where I can ( mostly to my own detriment) but I still try, foerever hopeful... I never took a language but can speak a little of a few different ones. Yes both nice and naughty phrases. Lol!!


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