Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

Yesterday and today both should have been filled with solemn discussions about the content of Oprah Winfrey's great speech at the Golden Globe Awards Sunday.

Conversation should have centered around why so many women wore black, in a show of solidarity.

The topics on FB should have been discussions of ways to improve the lot of women in all facets of life, from being the drudge at home, where many husbands think they are guests and that their underwear magically finds its way into the washer and dryer and back into their dressers, to how to protect themselves from harassment and unwanted advancements in the workplace.

We should have been discussing boundaries, and what it means for each person to have a sacred space that we all respect and do not intrude upon without permission.

And what are we discussing?

Whether or not Oprah Winfrey should run for president.

:::face palm:::

I don't know where that came from. I imagine it went like this:

Powerful man #1: OMG! Oprah just said I can't touch my secretary's boobs! What do we do?
Powerful man #2: Deflect! Deflect!
Sheeple:  Oprah is going to run for president!

Are we really so downtrodden in the political sphere that one great speech is enough to bring out vast choruses of "run for the highest office in the land," or was this, as I believe, a media reaction to the content of Winfrey's speech, a reaction swallowed by all who regularly drink the Kool-Aid no matter its content, in order to create the atmosphere we have now, which is one not focused on the issues but instead a discussion of whether or not Winfrey should run for office.

Just another day at the circus that has become this country.

For the record, I heard nothing in Winfrey's speech that said she wanted to run for president. Nothing Winfrey has said or done makes me think she wants to be in politics.

So now instead of talking about something really important, everyone is talking about a supposition that is unlikely.

We have at our disposal social media outlets that could create intelligent, comprehensive dialogue that would create change and influence millions, if we would only use it that way. But what do we do? We put up cat videos and then make giant buttons that react to whatever the media wants us to react to, because again, we drank the Kool-Aid.

Why must people drink the damn Kool-Aid? Can they not think for themselves? Can they not see how they are being led around by the nose by the media, how the oligarchs who are in charge are simply playing with their strings and making them dance like little marionettes?

Have they all lost their minds?

If Oprah announces a run for president, then we can discuss it. Until then, we should ignore all the BS and get back to her speech and the topic she addressed. We should address this issue and other issues without all of this orchestration that surrounds every little thing. I feel like I am a tiny wee mouse in a corner with horns blasting at me from all directions, and behind every loud horn is a great big fool full of Kool-Aid. They are so loud I can't hear myself think. Not only that, they're all spitting on me and I don't like it. I can only take so much stupidity.

Jesus Christ, people. What is wrong with you?

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  1. exactly I've only watched sports and PBS and a few sit coms since last January..All plastic people and rich and mean .


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