Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: Make a Difference Today

1. What is the favorite piece of art you own?

P Buckley Moss painting of Hollins Main

A. A painting of one of the building on the Hollins campus, where I went to college.

2. What is the most expensive bill you paid last month?

A. The credit card. I charge everything and pay it off each month to get the cash back award.

3. What’s the last thing you apologized for?

A. I tend to apologize for everything, so I am not sure.

4. If you could do today over, would you change anything?

A. I would certainly redo Friday and Saturday over for Charlottesville, VA. Today, Sunday, is still early. Who knows what deceit and hate will bring as the sun rises.

5. What is the largest TV screen in your house?

A. I think it's 50" or something like that.

6. What did you buy today?

A. I haven't bought anything since Friday, when I picked up a prescription at the pharmacy.

7. I wish I had ____

A. The ability to transform the world into the place it could be, instead of what it is.

8. How many photos did you take today?

A. I took the one above of the artwork.

9. Last thing you wanted and didn’t get.

A. A smartphone.

10. What was the last new thing you tried?

A. I checked out some MACs at Best Buy last weekend.

11. Who is your hero?

A. My husband.

12. Today I feel really secure knowing ____

A. I do not feel secure.

13. Whose life did you make a difference in today?

A. Yesterday I made a difference; this morning it is 8:10 a.m. and I'm not awake enough to
make a difference.

14. What would have made today perfect?

A. Today would be perfect if I could find a way to make it to an event I'd like attend. Unfortunately, it is on terrain that I don't think I can traverse alone. I need an escort, and no one is available.

15.  Did you thank anybody today?

A. I did yesterday. I thank my brother for calling me.

Bonus: If you were a Muppet, which would you be?

The one that lives in the trash can.


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  1. I hope you find something to feel hopeful about today. You seem to be quite down.

  2. Oscar was my second choice. He lives in a trash can.
    I'm so sorry that your State is suffering such violence promulgated by blind hatred. It's very sobering, and dangerously close to anarchy.
    We are, all the sane ones, in this together and united. Shame on the "wizards" behind the curtains, manipulating mobs.

  3. My favorite artwork is a drawing a friend gave me of a ship. The kind with big sails like a windjammer.My biggest bill is my hospital bill (having surgery the 24th). Like you I tend to apologize for everything, but my last sorry was to someone I truly care about. I took out my frustration on them instead of just talking to them about taking me for granted. I was truly sorry and felt extremely bad about my actions.( two wrongs don't make a right) I should have just talked it out when I got the chance to talk to the person. For the what I wish I had ... the ability to make people's wishes come true. So the sick would be healed, homeless and poor would have plenty, and the lonely and lost find love and happiness. Then maybe the world would be an utopia not the damnation we are headed toward.I never thought I had a hero. I always had to rely on myself, so it's hard for me to let others get truly close but I do have a hero... at least he is to me. I try to thank everyone, it's important to let people know you appreciate them and what they've done has made a difference. If I were a muppet ... well cookie Munster comes to mind. Lol!!


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