Saturday, July 01, 2017

Saturday 9: Yankee Doodle Dandy

Saturday 9: I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)

From the archives

1) This week's song was performed by James Cagney in the famous movie of the same name. Do you plan on going to the movies this holiday weekend?

A. No. I have been to see Wonder Woman twice at the theater, which is two times more than I normally go. I think I've hit my movie theater limit for a while.

2) Though known for his larger-than-life screen presence, Cagney was only 5'5". How tall are you?

A. 5' 1 1/2". I used to be 5' 2" but I have shrunk a bit.

3) During the Revolutionary War, General Washington celebrated the 4th of July by giving his troops a double ration of rum. Will you imbibe any spirits this holiday weekend?

A. Only if I inhale a ghost. I don't drink alcohol.

4) American history was one of Crazy Sam's best subjects in school. Science was her worst. In which class did you earn your worst grades?

A. Gym. I would have straight As and one B almost every report card.

5) The Fourth of July means we're in the middle of summer. Are you careful about applying sunscreen?

A. No, mostly because I seldom go outside.

6) Mosquito bites can be a major summer annoyance. Are you scratching any itches right now?

A. Not at the moment, thankfully. Skeeters really like me, though, when I do go outside.

7) Emergency rooms report an increase in wrist injuries in summer, with people falling off bikes and skateboards and jamming their wrists catching hard-hit softballs. Have you recently been to the ER or Urgent Care?

A. No, I have not. I did, however, fall in the bathroom earlier in the week and thought for a moment I might have broken something, but everything works and the pain has lessened so I guess it is fine.

8) New York is home to Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest every year on the 4th. Will hot dogs be consumed in your household this weekend?

A. I don't think so. The last time we had hot dogs, both of us had indigestion, so I don't buy them anymore.

9) Atlanta hosts a 10K Peachtree Road Race every 4th of July. Are you a runner?

A. If taking three fast steps counts as running, yes. Otherwise, no. Actually, I'm not even a fast walker. I lope along.


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  1. Mosquitos love me, too. Is it a compliment that we're so tasty?

  2. Sorry to hear you fell but I'm glad everything seem to be ok. Happy 4th!

  3. Wonder Woman twice? Wow. Pretty sure I couldn't sit through it even once.
    Hot dogs give me indigestion, too. But I love 'em so we still have them once or twice a year.

    Happy Saturday, and have a Happy 4th!

  4. I think I missed my opportunity to see Wonder Woman at the theater--ours shows 3 movies, and I suspect it's gone. Oh well--it is one I planned to purchase.

  5. Mosquito like my sweet blood

  6. OUCH! No more falling!
    Hot dogs are pretty greasy so I don't like most of them anymore.
    Well, it's ok to get a B in Gym. Even if they want straight A's it's better to have it there than anywhere else. See, you are smarter than a whip.

  7. I'm pretty sure that most of us are the same height although, you are the only honest one who takes shrinkage into consideration :)

  8. I have to stay out of the sun, myself. We've both shrunk to the same height from the same 1/2" loss. I hope you do something fun for the 4th!


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