Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Stealing: The Time Questions

Sunday Stealing: The Money Time Questions

1. What are five passions that you have? (If you have less than five, tell us what you do have interests.)

A. Taking care of my husband, writing, reading, computer games, and photography.

2. List up to ten random facts about yourself.

A. (1) I'm over 50. (2) I bite my fingernails. (3) I am an emotional eater. (4) I have hazel eyes. (5) My nose is a little crooked. (6) I play the guitar. (7) I like older TV shows. (8) My favorite songs are from the 1970s. (9) I have night terrors. (10) I have nine dictionaries on my desk.

3. List five people (personal, historic, living or dead) who have had a major impact on your life or the way you think.

A. My family, my therapists (more than one), my teachers (also more than one), Brenda Ueland (author of If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence, and Spirit), the fictional character, Nancy Drew.
4. List 5 things you'd tell your 15 year-old self, if you could.

A. (1) Leave the Roanoke Valley as soon as you can and don't look back. (2) Learn the Eastern healing arts of yoga, meditation, tai chi, and acupuncture. (3) Find a well-paying career (writing novels isn't it). (Maybe something in computers.) (4)  Travel as much as you can. (5) Even if you don't do any of that, your life will turn out okay.
5. What is a major strength that you have? (You can list more than one. Staying with our no rules approach.)

A. I am resilient. I may not come back in the same way as before, but I will come back.

6. What is a major weakness that you have? (You can list more than one. STILL staying with our no rules approach.)

A. I'm a procrastinator.

7. Describe the family dynamic of your childhood versus your family dynamic now.

A. Childhood: much yelling and screaming.  Now: very little yelling and screaming, if any.

8. What popular notion do you feel that the world has most wrong?

A. That unregulated capitalism is the greatest economic system. We need regulations.

9. Name three things that always cheers you up when you are down.

A. A kiss from my husband, a favorite song on the radio, and an unexpected communication from a friend.

10. Name three things would you like to be remembered for?

A. My writing, making a difference in the community, and being a good person.

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  1. Resiliency is a great strength! I like 70s music, too.

  2. I wonder why you would have left the area and not looked back. You seem very settled there. I often think to copy this list and make my own, but I never do. Procrastination? Probably :-)

  3. Once again, we are alike in many ways.

    1. (...and I'm very sorry for your experience with your friend. I know how much it hurts)

  4. Oh yes, you are resilient. And, I think you will be remembered for all three of your answers to 10. Nine dictionaries is grand! I have three. And, nowadays, it's hard to be calm, but Tai Chi does help with it.

  5. I really like your advice to your fifteen-year-old self.

  6. I also have night terrors ... not as many anymore but they still get me. Mine come from my childhood.( stuff best left in the past). I also like your advice to you at 15. Especially the fact you said "if you don't do any of that, your life will turn out okay." Resilience, can be wonderful but forgiveness is the best! . The three things I'd like to be remembered for; not that anyone asked are: 1. Laughter. Making someone laugh, it truly helps with life's hardships. 2. That I did my best in everything even if it was something that failed , I tried and cared. 3. That I am capable of receiving love as well as giving it. The later is easy, the first is much harder when you have been hurt in life. It's hard to trust what you feel is real sometimes.

  7. I love that you listed Nancy Drew! Two years ago I was at a museum in Los Angeles that had an exhibit of typewriters, including the one "Carolyn Keene" used. I got all squealy and fan girly. Nancy Drew meant a lot to a lot of us.


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