Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday Stealing: Cannon Fodder

Sunday Stealing: The Cannon Fodder Questions

1. Is there someone you'd like to be kissing right now?

A. I have a sinus infection. I don't think anyone wants to be kissing me right now.

2. When you're being extremely quiet, what does it mean?

A. I am generally quiet anyway, being an introvert, so I am not sure how to answer this. I suppose if I am thinking hard about something, or trying to write, I am "extremely quiet."

3. What are you listening to right now?

A. The wind. She is whistling as she wraps herself around my house and moves on.

4. Are you a big fan of thunderstorms?

A. I rather like them, yes. I have never been able to capture a good lightning bolt on camera, though I have on video. It's on my "do it" list.

5. Do you believe in perfect?

A. It is a goal, but I don't think achievable. It is one of those things that exists in the eye of the beholder, so therefore something one cannot define.

6. Are you a jealous person?

A. I hope not.

7. What was the first thing you thought this morning?

A. "I slept for seven hours straight! I can't remember when I last did that."

8. What do you think about when you are falling asleep?

A. Usually I run through my day, think about whatever I want to do the next day, then try to picture something lovely, like a meadow, and if I'm not in dreamland by then I start focusing on my breathing and counting until I do fall asleep.

9. Are you satisfied with what you have in life?

A. I am sure there are few pieces of the puzzle that are warped or waterlogged, but all in all it is good.

10. Do people ever think that you're either older or younger than you actually are?

A. I don't know. I don't ask people how old they think I am.

11. Do you think men truly understand women?

A. It depends on the man.

12. How about women understanding men?

A. It depends on the woman.

13. Did anybody ever call you handsome or beautiful?

A. My husband does. He needs glasses.

14. What is one fact about the last person that called you?

A. He is a gentle soul.

15. Other than your current one, tell us about the longest relationship you have had either a romance or a particular good friend.

A. I have been friends with Leslie for 33 years, just a few months less than I have known my husband. We worked at the same law office for two years before I stupidly left. We stayed in touch, though, by phone, mostly, and having an occasional lunch. Leslie is incredibly smart. She reads constantly, loves dogs, and takes care of her mother. She has been a good friend to me, listening to me whine and encouraging me as I have careened like a pinball from one life event to another.


  1. Aww...I think your husband sees just fine!

  2. i like your answer to #9. Also, Leslie sounds like a special friend.

    1. Oh, she is! I am blessed to have good friends.

  3. The lightning, are you able to view it frame by frame? That's how you can isolate a single bolt.
    Sorry lady, but you ARE beautiful. I've seen you at your wedding, and all.
    We both like thunderstorms. It must be the McCoy in us. Have a great week, and hope you get rid of the sinus junk.

    1. I probably could do it that way, but I want to make the capture! LOL. Thank you for the kind compliment. I hope I get rid of the sinus junk, too. Ugh.

  4. I'm frequently questioned about my age--that I'm decades younger than I am. It cracks me up.

    1. I think that is good. You are lucky! In case you come back to read this, I can't comment on your blog. I don't know why. I've tried many times this weekend.

  5. Good for you and Leslie! It's wonderful to share history with someone like that.

    1. Yes, I consider myself very lucky to have her for a friend.

  6. I also like thunderstorms. Someone special use to call me beautiful, but he hasn't done that in a long time. I don't think he doesn't think it , I just think he doesn't think to say it anymore. You are beautiful, beauty is inside and reflected outward not just seen on the outside. Many women are pretty, select few are truly beautiful. Good friends are few and are a blessing when you have them. I'm glad you have found one good close friend although I'm sure you have a few. ;-)

    1. Guys tend to forget that women need to hear compliments. My husband has been more solicitous since I've been ill. Thank you for your very kind words. I hope someday I can find out who you are!


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