Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Stealing: Disappearing Questions

Sunday Stealing: The Disappearing Questions

1. Last movie you saw in a theater?

A. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which I think was about this time last year.

2. What book are you reading?

A. I just started Hold Still, by Sally Mann.

3. Favorite board game?

A. The Game of Life.

4. Favorite magazine?

A. O! I also like Reader's Digest; I've read it all of my life. Apparently that is not a good thing, but I don't care.

5. Favorite smells?

A. I am allergic to everything, but I love the smell of the woods in spring after a rain.

6. Favorite sounds?

A. My husband's laughter and the D chord on a guitar.

7. Worst feeling in the world?

A. Knowing that we all die alone; it's a journey we can only take as a solitary diamond in a pack of card.

8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

A. Whether or not I need my medication before I get out of bed.

9. Favorite fast food place?

A. Bellacino's, which is a small franchise (I think) that sells grinders (sub sandwiches) and pizza.

10. Future child’s name?

A. No children, past, present, or future.

11. Finish this statement. “If I had lot of money I’d . . .?

A. "If I had a million dollars, I'd be rich." I'm not sure what "a lot" means - but if it meant I had enough to pay my health insurance and keep the bills paid, then I would be content.

12. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

A. No. I do, however, have a stuffed kitty that plays "Soft Kitty" when I squeeze its paw sitting near my bed. A friend gave it to me when I started having trouble sleeping after my health issues began.

13. Storms – cool or scary?

A. Love 'em.

14. Favorite drink?

A. Water.

15. Finish this statement, “If I had the time I would. . .”?

A. Boldy go where no one has gone before, and explore the galaxy and beyond.

16. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?

A. Yes.

17. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?

A. It used to be dirty brown, now it's brown and white. I'm okay with it as it is.

18. Name all the different cities/towns you’ve lived in?

A. Salem, Fincastle, Troutville. All are within 30 miles of each other.

19. Favorite sports to watch?

A. I like the Winter Olympics.

20. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?

A. Aw. Bud is always nice and seems to care about his SS players.

21. What’s under your bed?

A. Probably dust.

22. Would you like to be born as yourself again?

A. Not really. Been there, done that.

23. Morning person, or night owl?

A. Middle-of-the-day person.

24. Over easy, or sunny side up?

A. Scrambled.

25. Favorite place to relax?

A. In my house.

26. Favorite pie?

A. Chocolate crème pie.

27. Favorite ice cream flavor?

A. I don't eat ice cream because milk bothers me, but I have "eat another hot fudge sundae" on my bucket list.

28. Of all the people who play, how many of the posts do you usually read?

A. I try to visit all of those whose name is on the Mr. Linky. Sometimes I might miss those who sign up after me, though.


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  1. My hair is black and mostly white now. And, "Middle of the day person", lol. Me too!

  2. I am always pleasantly surprised at how often many of our answers match. I almost answered "scrambled" for the eggs question,since that is what I always order and cook for myself, but in the past month I seem to have had a hankering for fried eggs. I love the idea of a "soft kitty" kitten!

  3. I like Readers' Digest, too, though it's been ages since I've actually read it. Why is it a bad thing? Should I confess that my love for it began when I was a kid and that's the reading material my grandmother stocked her bathroom with? cute that your friend got you a kitty that sings "Soft Kitty."

  4. I need to get a singing soft kitty for my Big Bang obsessed friend!

  5. Yes, rain-soaked woods! That and pine trees in the summer.

  6. Love the smell after a rain and I also love the smell of steak cooking on the grill in the summertime. And in answer to 22 and I don't want to come back as myself again because like you been there done that. I think I'd like to be more adventurous take more chances not be so shy and skittish.

  7. #7 it's a grim reality but what you say is true. we all do die alone. what I find saddest of all is people who have been abandoned by their loved ones sitting in a nursing home of some type ... that really gets me all teared up.


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