Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday 9: I'll Be There

Saturday 9: I'll Be There (1992)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Mariah pledges to "have faith in all you do." Have you recently given someone support or a pep talk?

A. Last Sunday, I went to my father's baptism to support him.

2) Mariah was at the center of a controversy in Times Square on New Year's Eve when she had audio problems and claimed she could not perform. Times Square is at the busy intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue. If we went to the busy intersection nearest your home, what would we find? (A store? A church? McDonald's?)

A. Exit 150 off Interstate 81 is currently under construction, so you would see a lot of orange cones and have a hard time finding your way around. You would also see a Hardee's, a Country Cookin', a Cracker Barrel, a few motels, and some other run-down old gas stations that need to be demolished.

3) Her nickname in high school was Mirage because she cut school so often. Did you ever play hookey?

A. Yes, I did. On more than one occasion, actually. Once several of my friends and I skipped out after lunch and went to the city and went to the movies. We saw The Rose, with Bette Midler.

4) Mariah doesn't apologize for spoiling her dogs, who have been known to travel by limo. Do you know anyone who treats his/her pets like people?

A. Yes. Not us - my husband says houses are for people, barns are for animals. Most of my friends have indoor pets, though. Because of my severe allergies and asthma, I don't visit them.

5) Mariah has something to fall back on. She studied cosmetology and worked as a hair sweeper in a salon. When you get your hair cut, do you socialize with the stylist?

A. I have been using the same stylist for 33 years. We don't talk politics, but we talk about everything else - her daughter and son-in-law, her husband, my husband, rental properties (we both are landlords), whether or not I can stand upright the day I see her.

6) When married to her first husband, Mariah went vegetarian. Tell us about last night's dinner. Would it qualify as a vegetarian meal?

A. Nope. I had a chicken salad sandwich.

7) This week's song was introduced by The Jackson 5. Think of your favorite Michael Jackson song. Did he record it solo or with his brothers?

A. I guess that would be Thriller, which he recorded solo. I like most of his songs, though. Thriller was unique for its time.

8) In 1992, when this song was popular, The Mall of America opened. Located in Minnesota, it's the biggest mall in the nation, with more than 400 stores. Think about the last thing you purchased. Were you shopping out of necessity, or for fun?

A. I was at the grocery store, so necessity. I had been informed there was nothing in the house to eat.

9) Have you ever shoplifted? (Don't worry. We won't tell.)

A. No comment.


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  1. I think it's lovely that you were there for your father.

    I didn't know you were a landlady! Is it like on "I Love Lucy?" Are your tenants your best friends? ;)

  2. Usually the only time I go grocery shopping is when I open the refrigerator and I don't see anything to eat, that usually happens two or three times a week.

  3. I remember seeing The Rose. It seemed so 'risque' at that time but, Bette always does a good job.

  4. I remember seeing The Rose--and I later sang the theme song at the wedding of the friend I went to see it with.

  5. Hookey is fun so that's why we do it. ;-)
    Love The Rose, too. Ah, you are a singer, too! Sweet!
    Hope you are doing better though these are some tough days. Hang on Sloopy.

  6. I skipped school once every 6 to 8 weeks. But it was known. I was raised by a single parent and I could skip to spend time with my mom. We would go to eat and to the movies or window shop for things we couldn't afford. Although I like "I'll be There" my favorite MJ song is "Ben"

  7. That is great that you could be there for your dad. It was a big moment for him and I'm sure it meant a lot to have you there.

    I had a fairly easy time skipping school because both my parents worked. I only did it every now and then, though, to limit the risk. My daughter on the other hand, skipped so much school in her senior year that we got a letter telling us if she missed any more we'd be brought up on charges before the magistrate. We had no idea and let me tell you...that was the end of her skipping out.


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