Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Stealing: Cool Guy Questions

Sunday Stealing: The Cool Guy Questions

1.) When was the first time you ever swore or said something profane?

A. The first time? I've been swearing for at least 40 years or longer.

2.) Have you ever had unrequited feelings for someone?/Have you ever been friendzoned?

A. I don't know what friendzoned means. Have I ever loved someone and had that person not love me back? Yes.

3.) What's a false assumption a lot of people have about you?

A. That I am snobbish and stuck up when I'm really just introverted and a little shy.

4.) Have you ever questioned your sexuality?

A. Can't say that I have, no.

5.) If you could bring one person back from the dead, who would it be and why?

A. The person who invented gunpowder, and then I'd explain to him/her what her invention ultimately leads to, and then send the person back into time to never invent the stuff.

6.) What did you do on December 12th last year?

A. I had a swollen ankle. I went to the bank, fixed my mother-in-law's computer, and noted that I had a pain level of 4 in my abdomen.

7.) When was the last time you truthfully told someone you hated them?

A. I have an actual date for this answer, but I decline to reveal it at this time.

8.) What is your opinion on this song? What about this song?

A. No clue. The link I followed was dead. But I like music.

9.) In less than four sentences, describe the entire plot of the last book you read.

A. Young girl is sent away from home to live with spinster aunts. She is spunky, gets into trouble, and is generally a creative and curious person. She grows up and goes to school, and things get better for her. (The book was Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.)

10.) Describe the appearance of the most untrustworthy person you can think of (they can be a person you've met or a made up person). Are they male or female or neither? What about their appearance makes them untrustworthy?

A. He is dressed in black, carrying a Bible in one hand and a fistful of dollars in the other. His charisma is unfathomable and people instantly like him. He is untrustworthy because of the lies he tells that keep others poor and downtrodden while he makes himself wealthy.

11.) What is the most cringe-worthy thing you've ever seen?

A. A cow that had been struck by lightning. You really don't want details.

12.) What is your biggest regret?

A. I quit a job in 1985 for stupid reasons, and even though I went on to college and finished up my degree, I think financially it was a bad move.

13.) Do you have any cousins? When was the last time you saw them?

A. I have many, many cousins. I last saw them at a funeral. That seems to be when I see family anymore.

14.) Describe the worst birthday you've ever had.

A. Nothing really stands out.

15.) When was the last time someone provoked you to the point of violence?

A. November 9, 2016. I ripped the newspaper to shreds, then placed the remains in a pan and threw a match on it. Do not do that. It flames up very quickly.

16.) OH NO!!!! Someone has gotten you to drink a truth potion and now you have to truthfully answer every question you are asked!!! What's the worst possible question someone could ask you?

A. I can't tell you, because then I'd have to kill you, but it concerns a possible homicide. I used to be a journalist; I have been privy to many, many things.

17.) Describe, in detail, your first serious relationship. Describe how it ended.

A. My first serious relationship began at a football game, underneath the goal posts, and ended with a ring on my finger and this morning, 33 years later, a kiss that has to hold me until he returns home.

18.) Introduce your best friend. Tell the story of how you met.

A. I have several close friends. My longest-running friendship is 33 years old (not my husband). We met when I went to apply for a job at a law firm in 1983 (incidentally, the same job I regret quitting in 1985). She interviewed me for the position, hired me, and we became fast friends. We still talk on the phone about once a week and have lunch frequently. We are both intellectuals, highly read, and we have in-depth conversations that would probably be the envy of many a professor at a university. We discuss everything from the stars to religions to politics to health. We have many discussions about books.

19.) To the introduced friend, has our interviewee lied in any of these questions? Are you surprised by any of these answers?

A. I would think the answer would be no to both of those. I do not generally lie. I may not tell all I know, but I don't lie.

20.) To finish up, what is your biggest irrational fear and how did you get it?

A. I am a bit OCD and I constantly worry about leaving things on, like the curling iron or the coffee pot. I have eliminated much of that by purchasing auto-off appliances. I am also not a fan of snakes; when I was about 8 years old I was playing around in a brush pile and suddenly found myself covered in baby snakes. I remember screaming and running to my mother, and when my father came home he burned the brush pile. I guess either no snake bit me or they were not poisonous, since I am still here. I have other snake stories, too, but that is good enough for now.


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  1. I know my OCD is why I'm afraid of plugging things into an outlet, but I don't understand why--at least I know it's irrational.

  2. Having watched a farm house burn to the ground when I was five, I'm careful around fire and electricity, which was the cause of that fire. Your snake story is a bit chilling. I also have a baby (rattle) snake story that involved hundreds of them and their parents. Getting back out of there was no fun.

  3. I am so glad I am not the only one who has no idea what it means to be "friendzoned."
    A lightning struck cow? Cringe.
    Sorry,had to giggle just a bit over your advice not to burn the newspaper. I couldn't help but picture the scene.

  4. A cow struck by lightning? Wow, that is bad!

  5. The image of the cow is stuck in my mind.

  6. I should have reacted like #15, but I just cried. I'm about to start yelling and burning stuff now, though.

    Glad to know I am not the only one with the snake fear, but you have a much better reason for it!

  7. Great answers, even if you couldn't elaborate on some. Sweet love story about you and hubby too!


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