Friday, December 16, 2016

My Christmas Tree

This is my tree this year. It is a pencil tree. It is small, because we bought it last year when we had different furniture. That furniture was new but it broke and the furniture company replaced it after a long and arduous adventure in furnishing a living room. In any event, we ended up with smaller furniture which left more room in the living room than we had with the other furniture.

So the tree looks very tiny. It didn't look tiny last year because the furniture took up so much space in the living room, but this year it does.

That doesn't really make sense to me but perception is a strange thing.

A new tree cost a small fortune, so we kept this one and will use it until it starts shedding badly or gets dusty (all of the artificial trees do one or the other or both eventually).

We are fortunate and I am grateful we even have a tree, as I know many people cannot afford one. We have always donated our old trees to Goodwill instead of throwing them out in hopes someone can still get some use out of them. Usually once they get dusty we must purchase another because of my asthma and so there is life left in them if a person doesn't have that kind of health concern.

Of course we cannot have a real tree because of my allergies. Real trees are beautiful but they certainly do make me sick.


  1. I enjoy a real tree, but it is such a mess! I like your pencil tree and I also have one.

  2. This tree looks completely lovely! Enjoy.

  3. Your tree is just fine as it is! Any tree is a good tree at Christmas.


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