Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The Music Used to Make Me Smile

But that was before everyone became so damn sensitive and apparently everything offends somebody.
For example, the non-existent "war on Christmas" is already occurring in my FB feed, so please note that Bing Crosby was singing "Happy Holidays" over 50 years ago, and the word "holiday" has been around since Chaucer and it means "holy day." It isn't "politically correct" or anything else to say it.
Just say what you want and stop buying into the news-media-manufactured B.S. surrounding Christmas and don't take offense when someone is being nice.
They could tell you to "F&ck off" instead of happy holidays, or just push you down in the store aisle to get that last TV or whatever.
Be kind, and accept the kindness. When did we all become so sensitive? Geez. Get over yourselves.


Today's Roanoke Times lead story on the election started out "Clinton" and when it mentioned Donald Trump it simply said "Trump." No first names, no context, nothing. If space is so short that the story could not read "Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for President" and "Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President," then chop from the bottom or rewrite. I realize 9/10 of the population probably knows who these people are, but there are still some folks out there who seldom read or are just catching up. Bad journalism - bad writing - all the way around.


  1. I fully agree!!! It is a happy time of year... I don't care what people say. Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas.... It is all the same to me. LJ

  2. I agree as well! Doesn't matter to me what people say. Can't we just enjoy the season?!

  3. In the same vein as "holiday" . . . Writing "Xmas" for "Christmas" does NOT take the Christ out of Christmas as so many idiots would have us believe. "X" is the symbol for the Greek letter "chi," and is used to denote Christ. So let's get that out of the way as well. '-D


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