Saturday, November 05, 2016

Saturday 9: Hold It Against Me

Saturday 9: Hold It Against Me (2011)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

(I knew there was a reason I don't listen to Britney Spears.)

1) Britney Spears addresses this song to a dance partner when she hears her favorite song. What song always makes you want to get up and dance?

A. Pretty much anything disco. Yes, I like disco. Sue me.

2) She sings that she needs a vacation. How about you? If you could escape anywhere for an affordable three-day weekend, where would you go?

A. Washington, D.C. to the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institute.

3) Britney shows off her dance moves in this video. Her coordination shouldn't be surprising, since she was already an accomplished gymnast in grade school. If we asked you to turn a somersault right now, could you do it?

A. Heck no. I can barely walk to the car.

4) Britney's first and only feature film was Crossroads, written by Shonda Rhimes. Ms. Rhimes is famous for writing popular TV series including Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, The Catch and How to Get Away with Murder. Have you watched any Shonda Rhimes shows?

A. No.

5) Britney admits to smoking and biting her nails. Do you share either of these bad habits?

A. I bite my nails. I have done so since I was a small child and have yet to find a way to stop. At this point, I think it's too late to worry about it.

6) Britney prefers Margherita pizza to thin slice or deep dish pizza. What's your pizza preference?

A. Deep dish, but I haven't had pizza in probably 6 months or longer. Ulcers, you know.

7) In 2011, when this song was popular, Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton was big news. Are you a royal watcher?

A. No.

8) Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died in 2011. Do you have a Mac, and iPad or an iPhone?

A. I have an iPod around here somewhere, but that's about it for Apple products.

9)  Random question: Which friend annoys you more, the one who interrupts you all the time, or the one who is never on time?

A. I think they are both frustrating, but the one who interrupts is probably the most problematic. Actually, I am not sure *I* am not the friend who interrupts, at least with one of my friends. I try not to do that, though. And I am always either a little early or on time. I hate being late. I think it is disrespectful.


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  1. I don't think nail biting is such a bad habit. And I like the idea of a quiet, scholarly getaway.

  2. If I lived in the DC area, I do love going to the museums, The Museum of American History is my favorite (and I have 2 books at the Library of Congress, of which I am ridiculously proud) But to get to DC involves flying for 5 hours and that's no relaxing weekend!

  3. It would take almost three days to get to DC and back from here... I wish I lived closer, I have sisters in both PA and VA.

  4. DC would be nice to see. I haven't been there since the Watergate Hotel- I even had a t-shirt to prove it :)


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