Monday, November 14, 2016

Bad Moon Rising

The moon rose full (or close to it) Sunday night (11/13/2016) around 5:20 p.m., a little later than I anticipated based on moonrise charts. This was one of those media-created events, a supermoon, reportedly closer to the earth and looking very bright indeed. I was not in a good position for spectacular photos - those pictures of the moon overtaking a boat or the Eiffel Tower or whatever.

As Neil DeGrasse Tyson said on my Facebook page this morning, the difference in this moon and any other is the difference between a 16" pizza and a 16.05 inch pizza. I like the moon, though, and the night sky, and the stars, so I don't mind the hype. If it makes people aware of nature, even the far-away, distant mood, it's not such bad press.

The moon rising over the trees east northeast. We were standing on the hill near The Austins.

She creeps a little higher.

There she is, all bright and beautiful.

Now she sits on the mountain.

Having nothing with which to really put the moon into perspective, I crouched down and shot a photo of the
moon with the tail light on my car. I doubt that's a shot you see often, anyway.

About five minutes later, through the trees at home.

She's over-exposed, my moon in this photo, but she's over the Peaks and the Blue Ridge.


  1. Awesome pics. Unfortunately, I don't live in a good neighborhood to get good moon pics. Too many street lights, and too many trees in the areas where lighting is a bit dimmer.

  2. Really great photos! The fourth down from the top is my favorite : )


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