Monday, October 24, 2016

The Colors Aren't Bigly

Yesterday we, along with most of Roanoke and several people from Florida who probably thought we do not really have the Autumn colors here like they see on travel brochures, took a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We went south to Mabry Mill.

Maybe we were late. Maybe we were early. We seldom manage to catch the colors at their peak, except for those around the house.

Mostly we were disappointed. The colors were blah and practically non-existent. There were great views, of course, but no mighty array of colors to astonish the mind and please the eye. Have a look for yourself:

The Parkway outside of Blue Ridge, where we entered.
A tad more color further north, but not much.
This looks better than the reality, thanks to computer magic.
Roanoke from the Parkway. Computer magic, again.
Haze kept this photo from coming out well. That's Roanoke with the Wells Fargo Tower in the middle.
Computer magic, again. But even so, meh.
Looking back toward Roanoke.
A little more color, but nothing to brag about.
Lovely view, looking toward North Carolina (I think). But not much color.
Mabry Mill was slammed. No place to park. I took this from the car as we drove by.

Also taken from the car while we sat at the stop sign. To prove we were really here, you know.
The people are more colorful than the leaves!
The colors around here haven't changed over, either. I'm beginning to think they are going to simply turn brown and drop off.

We haven't had a lovely Autumn in quite a long time. I remember vibrant, vivid colors 10 years ago, but it has been awhile since we've seen those.

(The photos in my header, by the way, are from years past, not this year.)


  1. I'd agree, not bigly. Ha! What a great word for all of us to enjoy for a while. They are pretty photos even with the minimum of Autumn color.

  2. Not much fall color in my part of Franklin County, either. Brown with a bit of yellow. A lot of leaves have already fallen.

  3. My Blacksburg sister has complained that the colors aren't very glorious this year. She envies all the pictures I've been posting on Facebook.

  4. Your photos are beautiful, and your header is stunning! :)

  5. Beautiful photos, even if there isn't much color to this year's fall foliage. It's been the same here. I've managed to get a few good pics locally, but overall the color has been pretty blah. We're now past peak, and after yesterday's wind and rain, a great many more trees are bare than earlier in the week.


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