Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Stroudsburg, PA

Our first full day in Pennsylvania found us a little unorganized and not sure where we should go. For folks who normally visit places like Myrtle Beach and Williamsburg, finding little guidance as far as spots to visit was a bit unsettling.

My husband latched on to a brochure I found advertising something called The Country Kettle, a gift and candy shop. He punched in the GPS for that and soon we were spending about 40 minutes driving down 290, I think it was, to East Stroudsburg.

A shop full of expensive goodies - and fudge.
The store was interesting, full of Disney characters and expensive doo-dads, along with a back room full of candy (including fudge). Further along there was a Christmas Store. I took my camera in there (I forgot it in the Country Kettle).

A large selection of ornaments yielded two
fire trucks for my tree. 

I loved the Star Wars nutcrackers - and immediately
wanted Lord of the Rings ones instead.

This showcase of Russian nesting dolls was lovely.

After a snafu with traffic and a bit of a discussion between us about directions - men just will not listen, will they? - we finally ended up avoiding the bypass of 290 in favor of business 290 because of roadwork and a six or seven mile traffic backup. This route took us through Stroudsburg proper. It is a lovely and apparently thriving area - lots of folks about, and I could see little stores that looked intriguing. One of the churches had a 1788 date on it. The city, which is the county seat, was founded in the mid 1700s.

The first store that caught my eye was this one - one I suspect community leaders
 would rather not have there.

The theater reminded me of the Grandin Road area of Roanoke.

A good view of how Main Street looked.

This says "Stroudsburg Birthplace of the Nationwide J. J. Newberry Co. Stores."
I loved Newberry's when I was a child - there was one in Salem that I visited frequently
with my grandmother. Good memories.

Another shot of Main Street. It was very well-kept and I thought a lovely community.
We did not stop, unfortunately.

I saw several book stores while we were in the Poconos - and I was so glad!

This was on the other end of Main Street. Condoms on one end, psychics on the other.

By this time we were quite a ways from our hotel in LeHighton even though that was where we were heading - back to the hotel. We did not stop in Stroudsburg because my husband had another destination in mind. If I ever get beyond the Mason Dixon again, I wouldn't mind visiting this county seat for a day, and actually walking the street instead of just driving through.


  1. Looks like a nice area to visit. I have friends who would love the Star Wars nutcrackers.

  2. LOVE the Star Wars Nutcrackers. The storm trooper and R2D2 especially. Glad you got away and had a nice vacation together. xo

    1. Thanks. We don't get away very often. A break is always good.


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