Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday 9: Tubular Bells

Saturday 9: Tubular Bells (1973)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

(I had no idea this song was from The Exorcist. Thanks for the new knowledge!)

1) According to Reader's Digest, The Exorcist is the scariest movie of all time. Have you seen it, and if so, did it scare you?

A. I saw it when I was young, and I am sure it did scare me even though I barely remember it. I do not watch horror movies anymore.

2) The Exorcist has been made into a TV series on Fox, premiering last month. Have you become a fan of any of the season's new shows?

A. I guess not, since I can't think of any.

3) "Tubular Bells" is a popular ringtone for both Android and iPhone. What's your ringtone?

A. The Nokia one.

4) As Halloween approaches, do you watch more scary shows and movies?

A. I watched The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown last night.

5) Do you have any recurring nightmares?

A. Yes. For a long time I dreamed continually of a bathtub full of blood. I do not dream this very often now.

6) Have you carved a jack o' lantern this year?

A. No. I just have a pumpkin sitting outside my door, along with some mums.

7) Do you like the taste of pumpkin seeds?

A. They're ok. Depends on how they are "fixed."

8) What will the trick or treaters who knock on your door get?

A. I don't have trick or treaters. I live in a rural area and am too far off the road for anyone to bother with.

9) A Halloween "let's pretend:" Back in the 1950s, a home in your neighborhood was the site of a gruesome murder/suicide. Relatives retained ownership of the house but declined to live there. During the ensuing decades, a legend grew: The tragic couple haunts the halls. Generations of schoolchildren have insisted that they have heard strange sounds and have seen curtains move mysteriously. Now the house is about to be demolished. A local charity is raising money by sponsoring a Halloween sleepover. Would you be willing to stay in this haunted house over night?

A. Yes, if I could bring in a cot and not sleep on the floor. I'm too old to sleep on the floor.


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  1. I am definitely to old to sleep on the floor, I would be stiff as a board.

  2. I didn't consider where we'd be sleeping in the Haunted Mansion... a cot is a great idea!

  3. Sounds like we have a slumber party ready. Now all we need is the haunted house.

  4. I had forgotten about that tune. I do remember it being played on the radio a bunch in the day.
    I know what you mean about sleeping on the floor. Plumbing is another must for me.

  5. Oh yes, there would have to be something besides the floor to sleep on.


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