Saturday, October 08, 2016

Saturday 9: My Life

Saturday 9: My Life Would Suck Without You (2009) 

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.  (New song for me. But then, I don't listen to Kelly Clarkson much.)

1) This video begins with Ms. Clarkson on a swing. When you were young, did you prefer the swings or the slide?

A. Neither. I was not particularly interested in outdoor activities. I read. I do remember that the big long bar across the swing set at my grandmother's house was hollow, and we would stand on the bar that created an "A" and talk to one another through the bar. One year a bunch of bees had nested there and I was stung in the ear. We stopped doing that.

2) The first words are, "Guess this means you're sorry." Who is the last person to apologize to you?

A. Nobody who really SHOULD apologize to me has ever apologized to me. But I think the last person who said "I'm sorry" to me was my physical therapist, when I nearly fell off the exercise ball on Thursday and she nearly missed catching me and pushing me back upright. After that, she did not let go of me.

3) One of Kelly's earliest show business jobs was as an extra on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Do you believe in witches and warlocks?

A. Not like you mean, I think. Not like in Wizard of Oz or whatever. Do I think there are people who practice witchcraft who call themselves witches and warlocks? Absolutely. Are some of them bad? Absolutely. But I also think there is a bit of a witch or warlock inside each of us. We just don't know it.

4) Mentioning witches and seeing Kelly with a lollipop reminds Sam . . . She needs to pick up a 1 lb. bag of Dum Dums for Trick or Treaters. Have you done anything in preparation for Halloween?

A. No. We live in a rural area and have never once in 28 years had a trick-or-treater. I guess if someone showed up I'd give them a tube of toothpaste or something.

5) Ms. Clarkson's advice to aspiring young singers is not to listen to advice. "Everyone gives you their 2¢ worth, but you have to follow your gut." Are you good at soliciting and following advice? Or do you tend to follow your gut?

A. I think I tend to follow the advice that is most in line with my gut.

6) The year this song was popular, 2009, saw two major newspapers go out of business. Both the Seattle Post Intelligencer and Rocky Mountain News published their last editions. Do you still read a paper copy of your local newspaper?

A. I do. I have been reading the newspaper since I was four years old. I don't see any point in stopping now.

7) In 2009, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook tried to buy Twitter, but was rebuffed. Which social media site do you spend the most time on?

A. Facebook. I have accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ but I don't understand the last three - or haven't tried to. I recently joined Pinterest and can't figure that out, either.

8) In 2009, the Balmain Collection included a pair of jeans that retailed for $2,165. What's the most you would pay for denim pants?

A. About $50.

9) Random question: You buy a charity raffle ticket and tuck it into a friend's birthday card. Before you can give the card to her, the numbers are drawn and you realize the ticket is worth $500. Do you keep the ticket or give it to your friend, as planned?

A. Ooo. Tough question. I think it would depend on whether or not I'd already sealed the envelope. If I hadn't sealed the envelope, I would consider removing it and replacing it with something else. If I had sealed it, I think (!) I would give it to the friend. Technically, by sealing it I feel like I've already given it away, but if I haven't sealed it yet, then it is technically still mine. Semantics, I know.


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  1. I adore Pinterest! I hope you figure it out. It's like an online file cabinet.

  2. I'm still shaking and shivering over #1. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be stung in the ear! The sound ... the pain ... (shudder)

  3. I sometimes use G+. I think they didn't think that one through before it launched.

  4. Well thought out reasoning on #9

  5. New song for me, too. Number one - still prefer the swings! Four -- I stitched a pumpkin pin for work. Six -- Occassionally still read print newspaper.


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