Friday, October 21, 2016

My Latest Hobby

A friend of mine has decided I should take up knitting.

It'll be calming, she says.

My first knitting effort.

I took a picture of this before I ripped it up to start over. Obviously I wasn't doing something right.

So far, I can't say I find it very relaxing. More like stressful, as I try to get the needles in the right places and keep the yarn from splitting and slipping and having a mind of its own.

Knitting is rather like trying to put a hat on a hare, at least for me. I know I'm never going to catch the rabbit, and I'll certainly never get close enough to make a stew of him.

Much less knit Peter Rabbit a new stocking cap.

I have not given it up yet. I am hoping the "relaxation" will kick in, rather like the overdrive does on the car when I floor it, gas pedal to the ground, my foot elongated and the engine revving. Things will go full speed then, I hope, with the needles clicking and the yarn flowing and everything will look even and smooth, and my blood pressure will go down.

My only concern is that my patience will wear thin before that meditative overdrive finds a loophole in my brain.


  1. I learned to knit in 2012 after countless failed attempts. This time was the right time, though, and knitting has become meditative and relaxing. I love to listen to audio books while I whip up many of the gifts I give.

    My advice--be a learner. Learn the basic stitches and practice. The first few items I made make me cringe to look at them today. But with each project I get better. And if the yarn keeps splitting, try a yarn with less acrylic in it.

  2. What Kwizgiver said.
    This looked quite good for a first time! The tension is almost right, and you seem to be getting the hang of this sweet needle art.
    My first knitting was all knit for each row because I was little and had little hands. Then all purls for rows and rows. It was, of course, the same result but just a different side was the "right" side.

    I love that hat on a hare tale. My grandmother and mother had all these little sayings but I've not heard that one. Happy Knitting, CountryDew!

  3. Don't knit or crochet, yet find myself constantly helping out in the yarn dept at work. I may not be able to answer technical questions, but I can certainly price, stock, and direct people to other depts. in the store. Maybe one day I'll even learn to knit or crochet....


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