Friday, October 07, 2016

More Martin Guitars

If you want to hear current owner Chris Martin give a tour of the Martin Museum and offer an explanation of how Martin Guitars came to be, check out this link, which has a video tour in numerous parts. If you have any interest in learning about guitar history, this is an interesting video series.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016, we visited the Martin Museum, located at the factory, after we toured the factory. With the guitars behind glass, it was difficult to obtain decent pictures.

Many well-known people have played Martin guitars, including Joan Baez, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Kurt Cobain, Gene Autry, Sting, Paul Simon, Jimmy Buffet, Jimmy Page, Tom Petty - the list goes on. Most well-known musicians apparently own or owned a Martin guitar.

A wall of musicians who have or have played Martin guitars.
Some newer guitars.

I think this was the 500,000 Martin guitar but I am not sure. If so, it was built in 1990.

Older guitars looked like this. Not much
different than what you see today, eh?

A story of how Martin came to Nazareth, PA.
Being a female guitar player,
I found this content eye-opening.
Apparently guitars were originally
 a woman's instrument. By the time
 I was a teenager, guitars were considered
 men's instruments. I do not know what
 changed, but I suspect the introduction
 of the heavier electric guitar played
 a role in changing guitar from a female
 to a male instrument. Additionally, this says
 that Martin expanded his markets to take
 in the rail lines so that his product
 went west. My guess is its portability
 led it to become the instrument of
 choice among rail road builders
 and others who traveled to the other
 side of the United States.
More guitars owned by famous people.
This is the one millionth guitar,
produced in 2004. It took three years
 to build. Its value is $1 million.
This is the front of the guitar.
To see better photos of the one millionth guitar, check this link for the back and this link for the front. 

More guitars played by famous people.
This was Andy Griffith's guitar.
I would guess the company should be coming up on its 1,500,000 guitar soon, if it hasn't already surpassed that.

Guitars are lovely to look at, and beautiful to play. Music is a wonderful hobby and it's worth playing if only for yourself. Don't ever let anyone tell you that picking up a guitar is a waste of time. Do it for yourself. After all, it's your life. Make it sing.

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