Thursday, October 27, 2016

I Can Still Remember: Thursday Thirteen

1. Gasoline that cost $0.25 a gallon. By the time I turned 16, it had hit $1.00.

Pontiac T-1000, 1982. Mine
looked like this. Ugly thing,
wasn't it?
2. Bread that cost $0.75 a loaf. Now it is $2.50.

3. A wired VCR that cost over $300 to purchase (1984).

4. My first purchased new car - a Pontiac T-1000, bought in 1982 - cost about $7,000.

5. When Patty Hearst was kidnapped in 1974 and then arrested for joining the group that had taken her. Even back then, though I was but a teenager, I never thought she did anything out of her own free will but instead was a victim of brainwashing. I still think that. Only she knows, I suppose.

6. Eight-track tapes that played in endless loops, with big speakers in cars that blasted so loud it nearly knocked you off your feet.

7. American Top 40, with Casy Casem. It played every Sunday evening and I listened to it religiously after I turned 10.

8. Jimmy Carter wearing a sweater in the White House.

9. The day John Lennon was shot - my teachers cried (1980).

10. The day Ronald Reagan was shot - I was in school and did not believe a classmate when first told (1981).

11. Rooting for Billy Jean King to beat Bobby Riggs (1973).

12. The explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986.

13. When man took his first step on the moon (July 20, 1969). My grandmother called us in from playing to watch the event on TV.


Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here if you want to read other Thursday Thirteens and/or play along. I've been playing for a while and this is my 471st time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday. 


  1. impressive list I cannot remember gas then but I should .it's high here now very

  2. I just saw an 8 cent stamp with Eisenhower on it. Now we don't even bother to have a cent key on the keyboard. Jimmy Carter was the Mr. Rogers of presidents.

  3. I'm a few years behind you, but I still remember most of this. I remember seeing the moonwalk in re-runs. :)

  4. My mom had several 8-track tapes. I can still remember where I was when I heard the news about Challenger - and the snide comment a friend later regretted when we heard the reason for the PA announcement interrupting classes. My T13

  5. I remember several of these. Most memorable was the space shuttle explosion. I was in high school and we couldn't believe it.


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