Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday 9: Into You

Saturday 9: Into You (2016)

Because Cat suggested it. Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this video, Ariana Grande and her boyfriend take off on a motorcycle. Are your trips usually carefully planned? Or would you prefer to just spontaneously get up and go?

A. I am lucky if I get a trip - we live on a farm and someone has to be here to look after the cattle. Usually our trips are like this: where do you want to go? How about such and such. Ok. Make a reservation. We get there, then we figure out what we're doing. So a little planned, a little get up and go.

2) As they ride through the desert, they pass several cacti. This makes Sam sad, since she had a potted cactus on her desk and managed to kill it in no time. Do you have luck with house plants?

A. That is hard to do, kill a cactus. I'm impressed. I used to have a green thumb but I don't have any house plants at the moment. I started having trouble with molds in the dirt and ultimately tossed them all out.

3) This song mentions the appeal of acting "a little bit scandalous." Tell us about a time you were the subject of gossip.

A. I try to keep a low profile. However, as a news reporter I suspect I was the subject of a lot of speculation, scandalous or not, at various points as I worked on articles. Once a town councilman told everyone he met that I was out to get him and make him look bad in the newspaper. That was never the case with anything I wrote. I just quoted him. Usually that is all you have to do. People make themselves look bad.

4) Ariana's mother is an executive at a company that makes, among other things, alarm systems. Is your home protected by a security system?

A. Yes. Several of them, one of which kills. Go away, burglars.

5) Ariana has her own fragrance, "Ari," available at major department stores. When you're at the mall, do you accept the scent strips you're handed? Or do you say, "no, thank you."

A. "No, thank you." I am allergic to everything on the planet, and that includes scents and fragrances.

6) Ariana has said Mariah Carey is her "favorite human being on the planet" and her biggest musical influence. Who is your favorite female vocalist?

A. Melissa Etheridge. I also like Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Rait, Chrissie Hynde, Pat Benetar, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Stevie Nicks, Natalie Merchant, etc. 

7) A big fan of horror movies, she admits Freddy Krueger of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies was her favorite growing up. Do you like scary movies?

A. I watched them when I was young. Now I am old and would rather not have a heart attack watching something like that.

8) She had a brief relationship with rapper Big Sean. Do you like rap music?

A. No.

9) Random question: Which kid were you in school -- Class Clown, Brain, Jock, Stoner, Cheerleader, Teacher's Pet?

A. I was the brain and teacher's pet (I suppose they frequently go together). My nickname in the 6th grade (or one of them, anyway) was "computer head" - and that was in 1975 when computers were things we only read about or saw in movies. I wasn't the teacher's pet for every teacher but I was for many of them.

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  1. Hubby and I used to dream of living on a small farm...more of a hobby farm. Well, we still do, but it's probably not going to happen. One thing that was always a consideration for me was what to raise so as not to be completely tethered to a place. The one thing we agreed on was no dairy cattle. It's easier to get someone to come feed critters than to come milk them.

  2. I was out of town for a week and was happy to come home to find that my cactus plants didn't even notice. BTW- Sheryl Crow was a speaker at the conference that I attended. Unfortunately, they decided to put her on a panel with Kim Kardashian as the key note (dumb...since the basis of the conference has to do with empowering women)

  3. We have several common answers this week. ;-)

  4. I loved your story about the man who condemned himself with his own mouth but blamed you. lol
    There are so many great female vocalists. It was very hard to choose only one.
    The reason I don't have a cat is that it's so hard to travel with one and it breaks the heart to leave one behind and alone. Could you trade off trips with another like minded farmer?


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