Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Gongerling

Sunday Stealing
The Gongerling Meme

Cheer to all of us thieves!!

1. You’re building your dream house. What’s the one thing that this house absolutely, positively MUST HAVE? (other than the obvious basics of course)

A. A walk-in shower with grab bars, a kitchen with cabinets low enough for someone who is 5' 1" to reach, a two-car garage, a man-cave, a library, and a home office. That is more than one thing but I'm answering the meme and that is what I want.

2. What is your dream car?

A. A Toyota Avalon.

3. What is your favorite website that isn’t a blog.

A. I really don't have one, but I'll go with Amazon. 

4. iPhone or Droid, which do you want/have?

A. Since I have neither, I really wouldn't care which I had, so long as I had one of them. 

5. When you’re feeling down or lonely or just generally out of sorts, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

A. Color, read, play the guitar, go for a drive, call a friend.

6. Tell me about something or someone that you love that most people seem to hate.

A. I would rather shop in an office supply store than a clothing store. I suppose most people don't hate office supply stores, but I could spend hours in there. 

7. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A. A writer. A musician. A geologist. An archeologist. A mother. I achieved the first, partly the second, and none of the last three. Although I do have a small rock collection.

8. Would you go on a reality show if given the chance?

A. It would depend on the show. I would like to go on Survivor just to lose weight! But I can't think of any that I would really want to participate in.

9. Who was your favorite teacher when you were growing up? (Grade school, Middle School, Jr. High or High School only.)

A. I tended to be a teacher's pet and loved most of my teachers. In grade school, my favorites were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade teachers. In middle school, my favorites were my English and math teachers, and in high school my favorites were my algebra teacher, my geometry teacher, and my English teacher. I am still in contact with my algebra teacher and English teacher. I occasionally see my middle school math teacher. I don't know how many people remain in contact with their old high school teachers, but I have. Gosh, I loved school.

10. You get one pass to do something illegal or immoral. What are you gonna do?

A. Steal Fort Knox, cash in the gold, set up a trust fund, and hand out money to everyone who needs it. Yes, I'm a Robin Hood.

11. What were you doing 10 years ago?

A. Let's see, 2006. I would have been writing nearly full-time for the local newspaper, though doing it freelance, visiting my grandmother in the nursing home, taking care of my house and husband, and probably bitching about the heat. 

12. By this time next year, I . . . hope I am more in control of my life and body and feeling healthier and less puny.

13. What is something that you need to do but you've procrastinated on?

A. Clear clutter. We're not hoarders but I have lots of books that need to be donated to the library and papers that have accumulated over the last several years while I have not been well. We've lived in the same house for almost 30 years and stuff finds its way into corners and onto shelves. Sometimes you need to clear out the drawers.

14. Which fictional TV show character you would shag anytime?

A. Shag? Good grief. None of them. Now, I would go have lunch with pretty much anybody, but I ain't doin' no shaggin'.
15. What is your greatest pet peeve?

A. People who say they are going to do something and then . . . don't, quickly followed by the generally ignorant who believe that because they have an opinion it is right up there with factual information. Opinion does not equal fact. Sorry.

16. Tell me about your most recent trip of more than 100 miles?

A.  Well, round trip, yesterday we went to Ferrrum College in Ferrum, VA to visit the Blue Ridge Institute and Museum. My husband wanted a day of not-working and it was too hot to do anything that wasn't inside. The drive was 56 miles one way.

17. Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?

A. I use them both frequently; I could not say which I use more. 

18. Do you have a nickname? What is it?

A. My husband calls me Sweetie Pie. 

19. What are you dreading at the moment?

A. Nothing, really. It's going to happen anyway, no point in dreading it.

20. Do you have a meme you think we should steal?  (Yes, an old trick. But c'mon now. I gotta give it
a shot. It's a lot harder to find memes now. But it's ok to answer "You're lazy" and call it a day.)

Here's something that I've seen on Facebook - maybe you can use pieces of it. And while I'm at it, I co-host THURSDAY 13 and we welcome new players, if anyone is interested. (Hey, if you're gonna ask me to do your job at the least I can toss in some free advertising.)

44 Things You Don't Know About Me...
1. Do you like blue cheese?
2. Have you ever smoked cigarettes?
3. Do you own a gun?
4. What is your favorite flavor?

5. Do you get nervous before a doctor visit?
6. What do you think of hot dogs?
7. Favorite movies?
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
9. Do you do push ups?
10. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
11. Favorite hobby? Hobby?
12. Do you have A.D.D?
13. What’s the one thing you dislike about yourself?

14. Middle name?
15. Name three thoughts at this moment:
16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink.
17. Current worry: 

18. Current annoyance?
19. Favorite place to be?
20. How do you ring in the new year?
21. Where would you like to go?

22. Name three people who will complete this?
23. Do you own slippers?
24. What color shirt are you wearing right now?
25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
26. Can you whistle?
27. What are your favorite colors?
28. Would you be a pirate?
29. What songs do you sing in the shower?
30. Favorite girl's name?
31. Favorite boy's name?
32. What’s in your pocket right now?
33. Last thing that made you laugh?
34. Best toy as a child?
35. Worst injury you have ever had?
36. Where would you love to live?
37. How many TV’s do you have?
39. How many dogs do you have?
40. Does someone trust you?
41. What book are you reading?
42. What’s your favorite candy?
43. What’s your favorite sports team?
44. Favorite month?


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  1. I hope you are feeling better by next year, too.

  2. Your pet peeve is well said!

  3. Thanks for the info! If you'd like us to promote your meme in our sidebar, let me know. It's helped to launch my memes when I had 5 going on... :)

  4. Im not a hoarder either but have far too many books. It's summer and I should just go to the park and leave them around with notes in them.

    I think your meme will go up in the side bar. It looks like fun.


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