Friday, July 08, 2016

A Fungus Among Us

For two years, we have had no sign a fungus around our oak tree in the back yard. The fungus, which looks like a very large mushroom of some sort, first turned up in 2014.

We didn't see it last year, but recent wet weather has apparently caused the fungi to return.

One of the fungi at my foot (size 7).

I think this is called Armillaria root fungus of some kind, though a friend thinks it might be this kind of fungus:

It really doesn't matter which it is; both mean the tree is stressed. There does not seem to be a cure for either kind of fungus, that I can find.

Fungi on the other side of the oak tree.

Supposedly, it can take years for the fungus to kill a tree, but sometimes it happens quickly.

I sure would hate to lose this old oak.


  1. The drought 3-4 years ago really stressed the Oaks. I have lost 18 here at the house. Being a shallow rooted tree, it takes that long after a water shortage for the tree to die. I have a guy here now cutting them. I hope your's makes it, but it wouldn't count on it. Every one I lost was about the same size as yours and they all showed that fungus last year and this year they are dead. :(

    1. Hubby removed the fungi, which I hope will help. We also have fungus on our blue spruce. The weather has been very hard on the trees.

  2. Those are some huge fungi!


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