Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday 9: Papa, Don't Preach

Saturday 9: Papa, Don't Preach (1986)
If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here.

1) Madonna has sold more than 200 million records worldwide. Do you have any of her songs on your iPod/mp3 player/phone?

A. No. But I like her music.

2) When she first arrived in New York in search of fame and fortune, Madonna supported herself by working at Dunkin' Donuts. What did you order last time you were at Dunkin' Donuts?

A. I don't eat at Dunkin' Donuts. I'm a Krispy Crème girl. I don't see how anybody can stand those cake-like donuts.

3) Madonna and her first husband, Sean Penn, ended their marriage on New Year's Eve, 1988. Sam's New Year's Eves are never that dramatic. What about you? Do you have any vivid New Year's Eve memories you'd like to share?

A. Maybe it was a New Year's Eve party the time my parents threw a bash when I was about 10. A mouse crept out and while other women were going "Eww eww eww" my mother whipped off her shoe, smashed the mouse, and then picked it up with a paper towel and tossed it in the trash outside. It might have been some other kind of party but it's a good story, so we'll go with New Year's.

4) Madonna admits she suffers from brontophobia, aka the fear of storms. Are you scared of thunder and lightening?

A. I rather enjoy it, actually. When I was a child, I would sit on the back stoop with my grandfather and we'd watch the storms come over the mountain, the lightning in the distance. We wouldn't get up until the raindrops began to fall. I will still go stand out on the porch in a storm if my husband isn't home (he will not let me do it if he is here).

5) Onstage during the 2015 Coachella fest, Madonna shocked the audience by planting a kiss square on the lips of much-younger rapper Drake. What's something that surprised you recently?

A. My brother sent me an Erector set for my birthday. That was a surprise.

6) More recently, Madonna was at the center of a controversy because Prince fans didn't like her tribute at the Billboard Music Awards. They made themselves heard on social media. Was your last Facebook post or Tweet positive or negative?

A. My last Facebook says this: "I have laryngitis and a man on the phone just called me "elderly." Isn't elderly like, 106?" I don't know if that is positive or negative. It just is.

7) One of the things Sam's papa preaches about is car maintenance. He reminds her to check her car's air filter regularly, because a dirty filter can reduce mileage. Share your own car maintenance tip with us.

A. Get a husband and let him take care of it.

8) When she was growing up, Sam's father was often away on business. He always remembered to bring back the complimentary shampoos, conditioners and lotions from the hotels where he stayed. When will you next stay in a hotel (or motel, bed-and-breakfast or Airbnb room)?

A. I have no plans to go anywhere at the moment.

9) To celebrate Father's Day, Sam is giving away her father's favorite candy: LifeSavers. Would you prefer a roll of Wild Cherry, Butter Rum, Winter Green or Peppermint?

A. I will be greedy and ask for the Wild Cherry and the Wintergreen.


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  1. I saw that fb post too. That mouse story is something else. I'm not sure what I would do if I were your mom.

  2. Considering the price point of Lifesavers, I don't think asking for two rolls is greedy at all.

  3. Here is a little know fact about Wintergreen candies,when you bite into them they sparkle in the dark.

  4. P.S. The night photos up at the lake didn't turn out that great, it was so bright out the the pictures look like they were taken during the daytime not at midnight

  5. I prefer Krispy Kreme, too, but I won't turn down a donut from either place. :)

    I think your mouse story is funny. My mama flicked one with a hand towel once and it died. I don't know if she flicked it that hard or if it just scared it to death. It was a goner nonetheless.

    David and I enjoy watching the storms together. We like to chase them, too. Once while storm chasing, we were rewarded with a huge rainbow and saw the end of it sitting in a field. I didn't know that rainbows really had an end, but they do. It was awesome!

    Have a blessed day!

  6. 1 - Nothing on any of the devices mentioned, but I do have a few of her CDs.
    2 - Haven't been to a DD in a couple years - we have a couple in town, just not near where I work or shop.
    4 - I LOVE thunderstorms!


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