Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Logic and Proportion Have Fallen Sloppy Dead

If someone said the sky was green often enough, most of us would believe it, eventually.
We are totally brainwashed, those of us who live in the first world countries. Our media is actually censored worse than that of a state-run newspaper, but we don't see it or believe it because we're told it's capitalistic freedom. But what you're really getting is the point of view of a rich old white man who wants to power.
Don't believe me? There's Murdoch, who owns Fox. Turner Broadcasting, run by John Martin (CEO), started by Ted Turner. CBS, founded by William S. Paley and now owned by CBS Corporation, President and CEO Leslie Moonves, NBC, founded by David Smarnoff, and it's now a subsidiary of Comcast, President and CEO Brian L. Roberts, ABC, founded by Edward Noble, and now a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company (founded, of course, by Walt Disney), and now run by Bob Igar.
According to Business Insider, six corporations control 90 percent - pretty much everything - of all of American media.
Those six are GE (which owns Comcast), NewsCorp (owns Fox), Disney (ABC), Viacom (MTV, Paramount Pictures), Time Warner (HBO, CNN), and CBS (Showtime).
These CEOs control not only the media, they control your mind.
When was the last time you had an original thought? Can't remember? But you probably remember when you were affected by something you saw on the media. A sad story brought a tear to your eye, perhaps. You saw another shooting and barely looked up.

Did you stampede out to buy an iPhone? Wait in line to get the favored toy at Target? Hand over your dollar bills for the up-and-coming video game console?
Brainwashed. Targeted and brainwashed by the media and its advertisers.
Is it a coincidence that the news stories on all the stations are the same? Sure, when we have a 911 everyone covers it. But now the stories all are the same on every major channel. Thank heavens for local news teams who at least report on what happened around the corner.
People do not think for themselves anymore. Nor do they question what is going on around them. Stuff happens, and the response is to tweet outrage and think you've done something.
Guess what. You've done nothing. You haven't even thought about it, you've tweeted your gut reaction.
Before you take any action (including a tweet), you should consider a number of ethical concerns. These include:

  • equality and balance
  • the best short-term and/or long-term consequence for yourself as well as humanity
  • the duties and obligations that surround the issue
  • how your response reflects upon your character
  • how the action respects the freedom and personal automony of yourself and others
  • what you would really do (besides tweet) if you actually cared about the situation
  • what is expected of you if you get involved
  • what rights (legal, social, moral) apply.
The most important thing is to consider fairness and to have empathy. If you haven't those concepts down, and apparently many people don't, then you're just sniffing along the trail laid out for you by the media. Because the media does not promote fairness. It does not even promote objectivity. It only exists to make money for its stockholders. That's it. Media doesn't care if you are informed, only if you keep listening. So it feeds you what it wants you to hear, or what it thinks you want to hear.
There is no logical input into what is offered. What is logical about running the same story night after night, until something as dramatic comes along? There is so much going on in the world - so much we are not being told - and we hear the same lines over and over. Hillary's email. Benghazi. Bush did it. Egads. Is any of that logical? The legislators file bill after bill, take vote after vote, and nobody has a clue what they are actually doing. Furthermore, we don't care.
This information overload is way out of proportion to reality. The world does not revolve around the United States, nor does it come to a halt when we have riots in a city. It doesn't grind and stop over an email server or a president reading books to children while planes crash into buildings. It the long run, absolutely none of that matters. It is just a circus to keep your attention away from what's really going on.
And what's really going on? They're taking us for fools. They've virtually enslaved us, made us lap dogs to their video games and toys. Bread and circuses. Does anyone remember Rome? I doubt it, because few know their history any more.
Our world is totally upside down. We've lost ourselves in this make-believe land of individual reality, a place we each create for ourselves, one by one, by choosing our personalized radio stations and personalized Facebook pages and personalized TV shows.
We've taken away the solid foundation upon which community and society stands. It is now rocking violently in the wind and we're all so involved in ourselves and our smart phones that we can't even see that we're about to fall over.
When will we look up? When the electric grid fails because we've not taken care of our infrastructure? When our cars are useless because we've let the roads fall into disrepair? Will we notice as the dirt collapses beneath our feet, swallowing us like a sink hole?

It affects me, too. Every day. I fight it, though. I recognize it and I keep my mouth shut, and my opinion to myself, through willful thought. I don't hit Facebook with every thing that comes to mind. I don't tweet at all. Instead I come here, to my blog, to try to sort it out, in long form. In real words, not an emoji.

Will I keep writing into the winds, to the two or three who read this? Does one voice have a chance against millions who cannot hear?


  1. As I see it, society idolizes fame and money and sex (not necessarily in that order) The media neatly combine all three into one. So far we are free to choose to turn it off if we like and follow our own hearts and minds.
    There was a Savior who came to turn the world upside down. He came not as a powerful man but as a poor babe. He rode into his kingdom on a donkey and not a white stallion. His message was of peace and love and everlasting life. Many wouldn't listen to him either. I suppose the allure of money, sex, and fame proves to be too much for our basic sin nature to deny. Which is why we need a savior in the first place- we're a pretty helpless lot when it comes to doing things right when left to our own devices.

  2. That is one hellaciously good article and the best recommendation for turning off the television that I've lately seen. Thank you!


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