Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Feisty

From Sunday Stealing

1. Do you like to see it snowing outside? A. Not anymore. Too old and it makes my bones hurt.

2. Do you tell your family you love them enough? A. I reckon.

3. Do you like getting jewelry or do you not wear any? A. I have a few pieces I wear regularly.

4. Do you watch a lot of NFL football? A. Nada.

5. Have you ever used the word ‘lame’? A. As in, "This is a lame question?" Sure.

6. Are you/Were you in a band? If so, what was your band name? A. Yes. It was called Almost Famous. If you want to count the high school band, too, we were the Cavaliers.

7. When is the last time you went to the doctor? A. I saw the chiropractor Wednesday.

8. Do you own any shirts with a peace symbol on it? A. Yes.

9. Would you ever go to Japan? A. Yes.

10. What was the last thing you went to Walmart for? A. Lotion.

11. Ever gotten in a car accident? A. Many times.

12. Have you ever been in a choir? A. Yes.

13. Do you like the color of your eyes? If not, what color would you want them? A. I like my eyes.

14. When was the last time you went ice skating? A. When I was about 10.

15. Do you like to brush your teeth? A. Yes.

16. Have you ever had a surgery? A. Multiple times.

17. Do you look older or younger than you actually are? A. Maybe a little younger, but not much.

18. When is the next time you’ll be up on stage? A. No clue.

19. Where did you spend your last birthday? A. At home.

20. What is the last show that you watched a full episode of? A. Supergirl.

21. Do you know anyone who lives in Utah? A. Not anymore.

22. Is there anything you need to work on doing soon? A. Taxes.

23. Do your feelings get hurt easily? A. Yes.

24. Do you, or do you know someone who has taken karate lessons? A. Yes.

25. Were you ever a boy or girl scout? A. No.


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  1. Taxes. Ugh, I didn't even think of them, but yes, they're going to have to be dealt with soon barring anything unforeseen.

  2. ha. i loved this. and i loved your frank answers.

  3. Oh, I should get ready for taxes, too.

  4. You are a woman of few words in this SS.

  5. I always enjoy reading your answers!

  6. I like one or two snow's per year. Anything more than that is too much for me to handle.

  7. Stopping back a second time to deliver that ((((((hug))))) you mentioned. Just in case, here's a bonus ((((hugs)))).

  8. I cannot get into Supergirl but I like the lead actress in other things.
    Please don't mention taxes....

  9. i'm still trying to figure out if i should go see a chiropractor. a few of my colleagues have been urging me to see one but i don't know that i want a stranger poking and prodding me in places i hurt!

  10. 1. Depends. If I have nowhere to be, I do sometimes like to watch the snow falling.
    3. I don't wear much jewelry, usually only a necklace.
    4. I watch most of our team's games, with the occasional other game thrown in. It depends on who is playing.
    10. Black Friday, primarily for their blockbuster movies/TV on DVD.
    14. Last time I ice skated was in college.
    20. Last show watched: Perry Mason (late night reruns)


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