Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday 9: Grandma Got Run Over!

Saturday 9: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (1979)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

*I am surprised that song is that old. I feel positively ancient now.*
1) According to a marketing research firm, this song is both one of the most played and most hated songs of the season. Do you like it?
A. I do, yes. Not on Christmas Day, but I like it before then.
2) In this song, Grandma's troubles start when she drinks too much eggnog. Do you like eggnog?

A. No. My husband is a big fan of boiled custard, though. Which is somewhat like eggnog but not.

3)  In the song, Grandpa recovers from losing Grandma by drinking beer and playing cards with Cousin Mel. Will you be celebrating the holidays with cousins?

A. Maybe.

4) When did you most recently drink a beer? Was it in a bottle, a can or a glass?

A. It has been so long since I drank a beer I couldn't tell you. It would have been over 30 years ago.

5) The lyrics refer to "pudding of fig." In "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," the carolers demand figgy pudding. Yet despite its popularity in holiday songs, Sam has never tasted fig pudding. Have you?

A. Can't say that I have. I've eaten pudding, and I've eaten figs, but not figgy pudding.

6) Thinking of holiday sweets, would you prefer a gingerbread cookie or slice of pumpkin pie?

A. Gingerbread cookie. I would like to have one like the Gingerbread man on Shrek, that talks and everything. That would be fun. I could name it Elmo!

7) This song was recorded by a duo named Elmo & Patsy. It occurs to Sam that she has never met anyone named Elmo. How about you? Any Elmos in your life?

A. I do not have anyone actually named "Elmo" in my life, but my husband's nickname for our nephew is Elmo. I do not know why. He has called him that since he was a baby. The young man's name (he's 20 now) is actually Christopher.

8) Do you need snow to get "into the spirit?"

A. It helps.

9) Random question: Are you going to get/have you gotten a flu shot this year?

A. No. I have received the flu shot a few times, but generally I don't. I'm in the high risk group and should but I usually am sick after I receive the shot, even though "they" say that doesn't happen. When I had the pneumonia shot a few years ago, it was months before I felt better. That one I expect I'll have to have again at some point, because of my asthma. My doctor does not push flu shots, either, which tells me a lot. If she thought it was important for me to have it she would say so, but instead she only gives flu shots when people ask for them. I value her opinion.


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  1. Memory is a funny thing. I would have sworn this song was older than it is.

  2. I should NOT have gotten a flu shot, but they jabbed me with the needle without my consent at my doctor's office this year. Some NERVE! I was pissed when I immediately started getting hives, too. /Rant

    You answered the snow/spirit question the same way as Gal! :D

  3. I never heard of boiled custard, but the recipe looks interesting.

  4. I am exposed to so many germies that I always get the flu shot. I'm lucky that my reactions to it are mild.

  5. I always react to the shot. But, I'm exposed to flu too much to not seek protection. Since becoming a big city dweller with an international airport, working in schools, and after getting complications from flu, i.e. pneumonia, I get the jab. DH, testing out the VitD protocol, didn't get one for years and never got flu.
    PS. thanks for the recipe. I've snapped up the URL. yummy!

  6. I'm going to check out the boiled custard as well. I love custard! I love egg nog, so a mixing of the two? Heaven :)

  7. thanks, too, for the boiled custard link. i had never heard of that, but it sounds yummy! happy holidays!

  8. My grandmother used to make custard for the a huge gallon, glass jug. I rarely get a flu shot. Have had the flu, so I can say it didn't help prevent it much.

  9. I didn't think this song was quite that old. One of our local radio stations refuses to play this song, even on the day they hold their song requests for charity event. Yes, they will actually turn down your money if you want this song played! Have never liked eggnog, and though I like pumpkin pie, I would choose gingerbread over that any day.


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