Friday, October 30, 2015

The Little Trick or Treat

For a good 20 years or more now, the little preschoolers in my hometown have taken a stroll about the tiny hamlet and visit businesses for trick or treat just before Halloween.

Yesterday I just happened to be in the vicinity of the courthouse when I realized it was tiny tot trick-or-treat day.

Courthouse workers await the arrival of the little ones.

Heading out for the next round of treats!

So cute!
I did not ask permission for these photos so if anyone who is involved objects to their posting, let me know and I will remove the picture. It happened too fast for me to think about it. I normally do not post people's pictures unless I have asked permission, especially kids, but they were adorable in their costumes.

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  1. Our downtown merchants did something similar Wednesday afternoon last week. Luckily for the older kids, it stopped raining right around the start of T-or-T on Saturday, and was actually above freezing this year.


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