Friday, October 02, 2015

Charleston - Part 5 - Fort Moultri

Fort Moultri is located on Sullivan's Island just a little north of Charleston. It is across the harbor from Fort Sumter. Fort Moultri is a national monument in South Carolina and operated by the National Park Service.

The fort took part in a furious ship-to-shore gun battle during the American Revolution in 1776. The fort is named for William Moultri, a Colonel who led the fort holders to victory in that battle. However, Charleston later fell to the British, and they held it until the end of the war.

Fort Moultri, built and rebuilt several times over, was also used in the American Civil War. Fort Moultri was upgraded again in 1885 and during World War II. It is no longer an active defensive fort for the country.

Fort Moultri is not entirely handicapped accessible, so we did not tour it inside. My husband climbed an observation deck at the visitor's center across the street to take these photos.

Fort Moultri's entrance

The fort shows different eras as it changed throughout the course of history.

It is not far off the ocean (and probably floods frequently).

The upper observation deck of Fort Moultri

Cannons for protection.

More cannons.


  1. Fort Moultrie has changed a lot since I lived in Charleston (68-70). When I visited, they were digging around the grounds for the grave of Osceola.

  2. Sorry you had to miss the inside!


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