Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Reseeding the Fields

My husband decided that this year was the year to reseed about 40 acres on the farm. First he sprayed the existing grasses and weeds with Round Up.

This is not my ideal way of replanting. I prefer the old way of plowing and turning over the ground, but farmers instead spray weed killer that I feel sure is not healthy or good for anyone.

After the grass is dead, then you have to put fertilizers on it. We had the soils tested at Virginia Tech so we
would know what kind of fertilizers to apply.

The killed field.

Another part of the killed field.

As you can see, it is a lot of ground.

The fertilizer truck and my husband with the seed planter.

Planting seeds with a no-till drill.

Fertilizing the fields.

Truck full of sacks of seed.

More of the killed field.
It had been probably 20 years since these fields were last seeded, and they were mostly full of weeds and Johnson grass. We have planted orchard grass and, provided it rains, it should come up lovely and green next spring. Unfortunately, it could also lie there and not germinate, leaving the ground with nothing, but that is a risk a farmer takes any time he plants.


  1. Returning to the 'old ways' of farmer would certainly be better for we humans and the planet.

  2. The use of Roundup goes on around here with some farmers. I confess I am not a fan and cringe when my husband wants to spray a few weeds with it.

  3. It rained here last night. I hope you got some.

  4. That was quite a job your DH undertook. Here's hoping for green fields in your future!


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