Monday, September 28, 2015

Off to Charleston, Part 1

Last week, my husband and I slipped away and spent five days in Charleston, SC. We'd never been there and it had been three years since our last vacation, thanks to my surgery and his farming accident last summer.

So off we went.

My sweetie at the wheel.

The first thing I noticed about Charleston was that there were lots and lots of bridges.

This was but one bridge.

I think this entire roadway - about 26 miles - was actually a bridge.

It was also really flat and at sea level. I don't know how the place keeps from flooding at high tide.

More bridge off in the distance.

We stayed at a Wyndham in the Mount Pleasant area. This is apparently a separate city from Charleston but right next door, or something.

We've actually gone to hotels and demanded our money back
after checking out the rooms. Or as long-time readers may recall, once
we simply turned around and drove back home.

We were happy with our accommodations, which is often an obstacle for us. So whew. That was over with. We were there and could unpack.

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