Monday, September 14, 2015

Goodbye to the Garden

This is all that is left of my garden. Sunflowers and weeds.

I dub this the worst garden we've had in many years, maybe in 32 years. The groundhogs ate everything. I think we managed a few tomatoes and a couple of squash. Everything else did not produce or was eaten by critters.

We had fencing around the garden, which  my husband took down so he could mow over the dismal area.

My suggestion for next year? Raised beds. I'd like for him to take that space, cut it in half, build me two containers that are about waist high, and fill them with dirt. Then I could get out and work in the "garden" without having to bend over and further irritate my health issues.

Will that happen? No. But it is a good idea. If all we want are squash, kale and tomatoes, I think it would work splendidly.

Maybe next year I'll just plant things in containers on the deck, although since the animals eat my deck and the wood on my house, I daresay the veggies would not fare well there, either.


  1. Container planting on the deck/patio would be so convenient for you. I have done it and I highly recommend it. I can help you with ideas. It's very easy and highly productive.

  2. I have heard that raised beds are t he way to go.

  3. My garden was mostly a lost cause too. I've tried replanting the kale twice, but nothing came up either time. I'd also like raised beds, but then hubby wouldn't be able to till them.

  4. We had a super garden until the past two weeks when Mr. Groundhog once again found his way inside the fencing. I won't go into all of the details, but it did involve one groundhog, the two dogs, and me with a pitchfork in my hands a few days ago. We have a neighbor that gave up on gardening this year, although he did do a few items in container pots on his patio which the deer or some critter ate. Your idea of raised gardening sounds great!

  5. Raised beds are an excellent idea. You can actually buy pre-fab ones you just link together and fill.


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