Wednesday, September 02, 2015

A Lucky Find

The other day I walked into my office and I spied something on the floor. I bent to pick it up and found this:

The four-leaf clover was flattened and dried. Puzzled, I wondered where it came from. I'd done a little cleaning and arranging but did not recall seeing a clover.

I picked up the little prize and took a picture of it. When I lifted it again, one of the leaves came off, making it a four-leaf clover no longer. I was glad I snapped the photo when I did.

The thing may have fallen from a picture frame when I swapped out a couple of photos recently, but I don't recall saving it.

For a long time, back in my 30s, I found four-leaf clovers everywhere I went. It became a running joke because I'd look down and find the lucky charms at my feet. They jumped out at me and I had a small collection of them at one point.

After a while I stopped looking for four-leaf clovers and it has been a long time since I spied one out in the grass. Maybe this is a sign to try my luck again?


  1. Here is some neat information on four leaf clovers on Wikipedia. I have not found one in decades.

  2. Hello there, my first time here - I think :) Enjoyed your blog very much. I can't ever remember finding a four-leaf clover.

  3. Sounds like you could use some Irish luck these days. Good hunting!


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