Saturday, August 01, 2015

Saturday 9: Heartbeat

Saturday 9: Heartbeat Song (2015)

 . . . because Cat recommended it
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Kelly Clarkson is singing an upbeat song about falling in love. Think of your favorite love song. Is it about finding love or losing it?

A. Finding it and keeping it. Longer by Dan Folgerberg (my brother sang it at my wedding).

2) This song was co-written by Kara DioGuardi, who was a judge on American Idol. Kelly was, of course, the first American Idol. Do you watch Idol, The Voice, or America's Got Talent?

A. I do not watch any of those shows.

3) In this video, Kelly is blonde. Clairol based a famous ad campaign around the assertion that "blondes have more fun." Tell us another commercial catchphrase (it can be for any product at all).

A. Where's the beef? That's an old one - 1984 Wendy's ad. At my age, maybe it should be Help, I've fallen and I can't get up.

4) As a young girl, Kelly wanted to be a marine biologist. She jokes that she changed her mind after seeing Jaws. Tell us about a movie that really scared you.

A. Rosemary's Baby (the 1968 film, not the new version). In the movie, a pregnant woman thinks her husband has made a pact with their weird neighbors, believing he may have promised them the child to be used as a human sacrifice in their occult rituals in exchange for success in his acting career. I watched it when I was 10 and it scared the life out of me.

5) Kelly is very involved with NASCAR, performing at pre-race concerts and appearing at their Champions' Breakfast. Are you a race fan?

A. My husband is. He watches most NASCAR races. By default, I know more about the sport than I would otherwise.

6) Kelly is married to Brandon Blackstock, stepson of country superstar Reba McEntire. Are you a country music fan?

A. Not really. Pop country, or crossover country, maybe. There are some country songs that I remember from childhood and still sing. I listen to adult contemporary.

7) The Blackstocks have a baby girl, River Rose. In May, the family visited an Australian wildlife preserve and introduced her to koalas and kangaroos. Have you visited the zoo this year?

A. I haven't visited a zoo in 30 years.

8) Upon learning that she was getting criticized on Twitter for being "big," Kelly responded, "Say what you will. It's a free world. It doesn't bother me." How about you? Do you worry what other people think of you?

A. Of course I do. But not as much as I once did. I'm older now and it doesn't matter so much. Unfortunately, I have always had very thin skin and while time has aged it, it hasn't necessarily made it calloused.

9) She bid over $200,000 and won a ring that had once belonged to Jane Austen. (She doesn't have the ring, though; the British government banned its sale because it's a historic artifact and Kelly's money was returned.) She also has a first edition of one of Austen's novels. Who is your all-time favorite writer?

A. I cannot name a single favorite author. If pressed, I would have to respond with Tolkien, I suppose.

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  1. I remember being regularly scared by The Twilight Zone tv show, but not too many movies scared me (you did choose a classic scary film!)

  2. Tolkien is a great choice. And, I love cross-over Country music. In Country, I guess it's the balladeer style of the music that appeals to me, as well as guitar picking styles.

  3. I remember when the Where's The Beef lady died. People were really unset. Her name was Clara or something like that.

  4. Mia Farrow was so effective as Rosemary. Those big, scared eyes were so haunting!

  5. 2 -- I do not watch any of these, but do sometimes watch DWTS
    5 -- NOT a race fan
    6 -- Not really a fan, though there are a few artists I sort of like, usually those who have crossed over to pop charts


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