Sunday, August 23, 2015

Not Swayed By Pretty Packages (or Chirping Birds)

From Sunday Stealing

Birds Are Chirping Meme

1. Name a product you buy mostly because it has a cool package.

A. I can't think of anything. Sorry. I'm generally not swayed by pretty packages.
2. What flavor cake do you like for your birthday?

A. White inside with white icing.
3. Have you ever been in love with someone much older or younger than you?

A. My husband is four years older than I. I doubt that counts as "much."
4. Have you ever had a job you loved?

A. Yes. When I was freelancing and doing it well, paying the bills with it and everything, I was very happy. Then the economy crashed, and every out-of-work journalist became a freelancer, and I went back to school to obtain my masters degree. Then I had surgery and now I just blog. I don't make any money blogging, but then again, I am not trying to, either.

5.  Have you ever been in a building that was on fire?

A. Yes. My parents house was struck by lightning and it caught on fire. I went into it while it was smoldering. I also took pictures of a controlled structure burn for the newspaper once and went inside.
6. Are you in an argument with anyone right now?

A. No.
7. Would you change your hair color to something outrageous if you would get paid to?

A. It would depend on the amount of money, I suppose. A million dollars? Bring me the bleach. $10? No thanks.
8. Have you ever written a poem for someone?

A. Yes.
9. What is a place you’ve vacationed at and would like to go back to?

A. Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.
10. Do you eat samples at the grocery store?

A. Generally, no. I think they are germy.
11. What do you absolutely have to have to make your birthday feel special?

A. It is special is someone remembers it. I don't need anything but good wishes. Well, a piece of cake is nice but not a necessity.
12. What’s the last tourist area you visited?

A. Myrtle Beach, SC
13. Where do you go out to eat for a special occasion?

A. We generally go to Coach and Four, a locally owned restaurant that has been here for longer than we've been married. It is where my husband proposed and I can still show the booth we were sitting in when he pulled out the ring.

14. When was the last time you went to a post office?

A. Just last week.

15. Is there an item you are saving up to buy right now?

A. I'm saving up to pay off my car loan. Does that count?
16. Are you psychic in any way?

A. I knew you were going to ask that question. Of course I am. Everyone is. They're just not tuned into it.
17. Do you prefer a laptop or desktop? Which are you on now?

A. Desktop, and that is what I am using now.
18. Have you ever received a gift and truly did not know what it was?

A. I seem to remember receiving some kind of hair-curling hickey-doo from my grandparents in California when I was about 8 years old that left me clueless.
19. What’s your homepage?

A. This blog.

20. Is there a thing you enjoy doing, but quit because you are not good at it?

A. I like to draw, but I am not good at it, so I don't do it. I took a couple of courses in it in college but I've forgotten everything except for "negative space."


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  1. My husband is 4 years older than me, too, and I didn't count it as "much." Going back into a smouldering house...must have been...I don't know...scary, weird, surreal? I can't draw very well, either.

  2. Colonial Williamsburg is on my bucket list!

  3. I've never been to Colonial Willamsburg and would like to visit there. It's been interesting reading these answers this week and to discover that we all seem to visit the post office regularly.

  4. You should consider making some money with your blog. I once met a boomer who made $75k a year selling her articles. I'd love to do that but, who would buy my articles?

  5. I miss Williamsburg, too. It's my perfect solo getaway. I can get my geek on for hours, learning about history, and then relax in their fabulous spa. Sigh. I wish I was there right now.

  6. Would love to see Colonial Williamsburg. Places I've been I would like to revisit include the Black Hills of SD, Washington DC, France and Norway.

  7. Negative space is the only thing I can draw. 😉


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