Monday, August 17, 2015

Fincastle Frolic

The Town of Fincastle put on a little get-together Friday night. It is an event to showcase the town.

I saw a few faces I knew.

Balloons decorated the town.

My pal Cathy, a fellow writer.

Taking a picture of the picture-taker.

The county clerk really got into his role as historian.

See? He went all out!

My friend Pam.

Cannon go boom! Not really. It's a decoration outside of the courthouse.

My buddy Lee and her fellow.

Cathy's daughter, Julia, is on the left. I am afraid I don't know the other young musician.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Local artist, Ed Bordett, hanging out near the cookies.

My husband, right, talks to his old friend, John.

The bank was a popular spot; they were giving away cookies and ice water.

Old friend John.

My pal Rene at the library.

My husband has a word with Paige, head librarian at the Fincastle branch.


  1. This looks like fun and I really like the clerk's outfit!

  2. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy yourself for a while!


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