Monday, July 20, 2015

Whistle Pig

This groundhog is one of many that hangs out at the house. Nothing seems to scare them off. I know where the hole is and I've put mothballs down it and other smelly things but nothing deters the groundhog.

This one looks quite indignant in the last picture because I opened the door and scared him. As you can see, he did not run far - only to the trash cans. One of his hidey holes is near there.

They live under our small outbuilding and I feel sure one day the thing is going to fall in because the ground beneath has all been dug out by these creatures.

I know animals have a place in the ecosystem, but I would like it if this one would find a home somewhere else.


  1. We had one a couple of weeks ago that was getting into our garden. David fixed the problem by adding more fencing at the bottom and the groundhog seems to have lost interest in our property as we have not seen him around here since. Good riddance!

  2. I dont mind them, we have few veggies and I put out pots of marigolds near their massive burrows in hopes that will slow their progress. However, I did find that if you lightly coat any outdoor plant pots around the rim with Vicks Vaporub or any mentholated cream, it keeps them and almost anything else away from fences, pots, or garden structures. Works with porcupines in your favorite trees, too.
    One thing that moves them out of the garden area (at least for burrowing) is noise. I have part of my lawn there, so Im out there steadily., mowing, moving, tromping around.

  3. I see a few along the bike path on occasion, but not in some time.

  4. Three words...get a dog😃


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