Thursday, July 09, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

1. The other night I dreamed I took a home tour in Fincastle. When I reached the end, I forgot where I parked my car. I backtracked, found my car, climbed in, and continued to drive around LOOKING FOR IT! Finally I realized what I was doing and had a good laugh at myself . . . woke up chuckling.

2. My electricity has gone off at least one time every day this week. What's up with that?

3. I shut a door Tuesday. Will another open?

4. So far I have seen three fawns running around the house. They play together like little dogs.

5. Junk on my desk: checkbooks, old newspapers, numerous yellow pads, a RoadScholar catalogue, two Kindles, and a Nook. That's just the beginning of it.

6. One of the oldest books in my collection is a tiny little thin "Dell Purse Book" that I paid 35 cents for a very long time ago. It is called The Book of Dreams: a guide to the mystic meaning of your dreams. It says it is abridged from Zadkiel's Book of Dreams & Fortune Telling.

7. I found a copy of Zadkiels's Book of Dreams and have it here in my collection. Unfortunately, I can't put my hands on it and am not sure exactly where it is. But I always know where the little tiny old pamphlet, now yellowed with age, rests.

8. A friend read the Tarot for me for my birthday. The cards told a story relating to business and finance, and that I needed to be on my guard against people trying to waste my time. The cards described me as cynical and someone who has difficulty with conflict and who doesn't deal well with difficult people. Nor do I trust men and I have had a difficult life.

9. Even though I am well into middle-age and almost old, there are many things I do not know.

10. The clouds have beauty even when they are dark and brooding.

11. I have clutter but haven't figured out how to rid myself of it. I am not a fan of Goodwill as I have read reports about how much the CEO makes and how the company treats its employees that makes me not want to hand items over to it. It is, though, the nearest place for getting rid of old clothes and other things. I'm too rural for a yard sale.

12. Craigslist scares me. I know some one reading this is thinking, "she should sell that stuff on craigslist." I have dealt with craigslist with other things, and I find it a dreadful way to do business. You don't know who you're dealing with and how they might retaliate. The world has become too scary for shy folk like me.

13. I really need a candy bar, preferably a Milky Way Midnight.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here if you want to read other Thursday Thirteens and/or play along. I've been playing for a while and this is my 403rd time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. I'm always searching to broaden my mind as well

  2. Waking up chuckling is so much better than waking up screaming. Great dream.

    Not a Dove?

  3. The scary part is that #1 could happen to me in real life! I have some of my dad's old children's books from the 20s. I'm addicted to shopping at the Goodwill. The best one ever was in Folly Beach. Rather that than outlet malls.

  4. Funny dream! A Milky Way Midnight sounds good, but I'll have to settle for a regular mini one. My T13

  5. I'd like a Milky Way, too and thanks for sharing your LOL dream.

  6. I need to google Craiglist now...I seriously don't know what that is.


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