Monday, July 13, 2015

The One Where I Weigh in on Marriage

In my local paper today, a "pastor" wrote about his opposition to same-sex marriage.

No big surprise there.

But one paragraph caught my eye:

To call a same-sex union marriage is an affront to a holy God. God considers marriage, ethnicity and life as sacred. Marriage is far more than male and female becoming one physically, but the result is a child. Marriage that cannot produce children naturally is a counterfeit, a secular impostor claiming sacred status. (emphasis mine)

Note that this fellow is saying that ANY marriage that doesn't produce children is counterfeit. Unworthy. Not holy, even if that initial ceremony was performed in a church by a minister, with both parties avowing their love before their God.

As a happily married woman of 32 years, one who lives in a union that produced no children because of medical reasons, I say this:

Go fornicate with yourself, you venomous toad.

This idiot has denigrated me, my husband, and my marriage. He has spat upon the marriage of every childless couple in this country. He has negated the marriage of every older person to another - because I assure you, there aren't many 60-year-olds having children.

He has insulted my father's second marriage, one that is bringing him much comfort in his later years.

This imbecile is talking about same-sex marriage, but he doesn't stop there. His paragraph goes on to include all marriages that do not produce children, so he's including me in his rant.

So I am ranting back. What makes this pea-brain think he is the authority on anything, much less my marriage? I don't even know this person and he has insulted my integrity. He reads from a different Bible than I, for mine advocates love and forgiveness, not mass judgments.

It also doesn't define marriage like we do today. What we have today is a human interpretation of the words, but the words themselves aren't actually in the Bible.

So there, fool.

Incidentally, I have no problem with same-sex marriage. I don't have a problem with old folks having nuptials. I don't have a problem with two people marrying and not having children.

I do have a problem with people whose intelligence is lower than a snake belly being in places of leadership, such as a pulpit (or Congress).

What is wrong with these religious zealots that they can't live their own lives, and leave the rest of us alone?


  1. Don't hold back...tell us what you really think. Lol. You go, girl...brilliantly said!

  2. This is only one paragraph from his article. It is hard to determine what the man is actually saying by reading just one paragraph. I believe (from what I read in this one paragraph) that he is saying that same sex couples cannot produce children because it is an unnatural act and frowned upon by God.

    1. I linked to the op-ed if you want to read the whole thing. Yes, he is attempting to espouse his view on same-sex marriage, but in so doing he went beyond that to redefine marriage to be valid only if the marriage produces children in the paragraph from which I quoted. He would not be the first to tell me that my marriage is a sham because I could not have children. I'm not going to stand by and let anyone denigrate my marriage in any context.

  3. Of course your marriage is a wonderful union. I am happy you have a remarkable relationship together. God also sanctions your love. Reading the whole article I just didn't get that he was saying that. It is unconscionable to me that anyone would mean such a thing. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Hugs, LJ

  4. You tell him, Anita! *Applauds*

  5. I still don't understand how some one else's marriage affects me. Or how it is my business.


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