Sunday, July 05, 2015

Sunday Stealing: Mash Up

From Sunday Stealing

Mash Up Meme

1. What’s overdue for a good cleaning?

A. My clothes closet.
2. What’s overdue for some kind of professional examination, service, maintenance, or upkeep?

A. Apparently my whole body.

3. Who’s overdue for a phone call or letter to you?

A. No one that I am aware of.
4. What’s overdue for an appearance in your neighborhood?

A. A UFO. 

5. Who’s overdue for a good comeuppance?

A. No one I know personally - or at least no one I will say. Out in the world, I think any of the reality stars probably could use "a good comeuppance." 

6. What’s a gross food you like anyway?

A. Fried green tomatoes. 

7. Who’s an unlikeable person you like anyway?

A. Well, half the country dislikes Barack Obama for reasons I don't understand; he's more Republican than Democrat. So I will go with him. 

8. What’s an unpleasant task you enjoy performing anyway?

A. Folding clothes.
9. What’s a dumb song you enjoy anyway?

A. Puff the Magic Dragon 

10. What’s a lousy restaurant you frequent anyway?

A. If it is a lousy restaurant I don't go there. So I have no answer to this question.

11. What's your favorite Sci-fi film/program etc?

A. Science fiction would be Star Wars. Fantasy would be The Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit.

12. Have you ever had a proper Tarot reading?

A. As opposed to an improper one? What is that, one where you are forced to disrobe when a card is turned over? But yes, I have had Tarot readings by real people (as opposed to say,, which I also like). For entertainment purposes only.

13. Have you ever used the phrase "back in my time" to someone younger than you?

A. I am more likely to say, "when I was younger," or perhaps "back in my day," both of which mean the same thing. And yes, I have said those phrases. But not "back in my time."

14. Have you ever done something really unbelievable, only to have no one around to see it?

A. Yes. But it was so unbelievable that I can't talk about it.

15. If you were famous would you want a statue or a building named after you?

A. If I were simply famous and not rich, neither. If I had plenty of money and could make a massive donation, I wouldn't mind having a library or a college building named after me. I don't care about a statue.


  1. I thought of UFO, too....and Elvis and Bigfoot. LOL

    You like to fold clothes? I have about 3 loads I've been ignoring/avoiding, would you like to come have at it?

  2. I love your answer to number 2. I want to try number 12!

  3. Oooh forgot about UFOs. The improper Tarot reading answer is FAB! lol! And fried green tomatoes are something, like fried eggplant that are really good food. They aren't yucky at all. hehehe..

  4. Great answer about the building/statue!

  5. I just wrote a bunch of letters, so I'm good there. I've never been a big sci-fi fan, but I did like *The 4400*when it wa on USA.

  6. A UFO would be fun. We like to mess with the dogs with laser pointers in the backyard. They probably thing the lights are UFO's. Now that is a fun time.


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