Friday, July 10, 2015

Diesel Engine

Saturday while we were in Blue Ridge awaiting the arrival of the J 611 steam engine, a diesel engine pulling a load of hazardous materials cars came chugging through.

My husband, who is a battalion chief with a city fire department, grimaced as he watched the cars go by. "Wouldn't be nothing left of us if one of those derailed right now," he muttered.

Fortunately, nothing happened, and I and many other photographers who were standing around lived to await the steam engine. I noticed they also took pictures of the diesel.

I like trains. As machines, they have beautiful lines and are lovely to look at. I am not sure what draws me to them, but I love to watch them glide along the tracks.

Interestingly, I also like the forlorn look of train tracks as they make their way along the sides of mountains and down valleys. The sight calls out to my heart.

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  1. Great pics. There is something about empty train tracks that also calls to a photographer, isn't there?


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