Friday, June 26, 2015

Just Thinking

This is a southern liberal's post, so if you're not of that mindset, you may want to move on. I am in a musing mood this afternoon. I also have a bad headache.

If you believe in a supreme deity, what do you think of this statement?

In light of all the horrible things that have happened to very good people, a supreme deity (God) cannot possibly be both all-powerful and all-compassionate and merciful. Thus, the supreme deity is either all power and not compassionate and merciful, or the supreme deity is not all-powerful, but is compassionate and merciful.

I know many try to get around this with the "we can't know the supreme deity's purpose for us" preaching, but I don't buy that line because it doesn't fit in with my idea of Free Will, which I think we have.

Free Will means you have the power to act without constraint, at your own discretion. If that is the case, then the deity can't have anything in mind for us.

Interference by a supreme deity, even for plans we cannot comprehend, means we do not have Free Will.

Two people were killed in a car wreck last night not far from my house. What sort of "plan" could that possibly entail? Or mercy?

What sort of plan could any merciful being have in mind for the horrible things that go on in this world? Shootings, beheadings, bombings, terrorist attacks, killings, incest, child abuse - what kind of deity would accept all of that just to fulfill some apocalyptic plan? Am I the only person who wonders about such questions?

Just thinking today.

Good week for liberals. Thank you SCOTUS, for bringing equality to the nation, and for keeping health care on the table.

Good riddance to flag worship, too.