Monday, April 20, 2015

Behind the Mirror

We have one of those medicine cabinets in the bathroom that sits above the sink. It acts as a mirror and when you open either side, there's your stuff.

The left side as you face the medicine cabinet houses my husband's items. The right side holds my things.

We are apparently obsessed with our teeth, not stinking, shaving, and having headaches, for the medicine cabinet is full of toothpaste, floss, shaving cream and razors, deodorant, and acetaminophen.

On my side, you'll also find some tea tree oil, sweet oil, and hand lotion.

I'm not sure what that says, other than we clean our teeth and I occasionally dabble in alternative medicinal treatments.

When I first started writing stories for publication, and even later in continuing education classes the newspaper infrequently offered, we were always told that when we interviewed, we should (a) do it in the subject's home, and (b) excuse yourself at some point and ask to use the restroom.

Once in the restroom, we were to examine the medicine cabinet and see what was inside. We were also instructed to look around the house as discreetly as possible, noting pictures, candles, collections, books, animals, dirt - anything that might flesh out a story and give a little life to the subject about whom we were writing.

I don't recall ever once looking in anyone's medicine cabinet - not my style, really - but I know there are reporters who do. It's a good thing to remember if you're ever interviewed for a story and the reporter asks to use the restroom.

Most likely, they're looking at the things you think are hidden behind that mirror.


  1. Wow, I've never looked in any one's medicine cabinet...feels like I would be invading their privacy. Surprised one would be instructed to do such, especially if it has nothing to do with the story! BTW, If anyone looks in mine I will know it because there will be a cascade of articles falling into the sink ;)

  2. Ha! I don't even have a medicine cabinet in my bathroom. Just a large mirror on the wall!

  3. Same as Michelle, no medicine cabinet, just a large mirror on the wall. I do have a couple vanity drawers, but I keep most medicines in the bedroom.


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