Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Stealing: I I I

From Sunday Stealing

The I Meme

I am . . . smarter than the average bear.

I want . . . social and class equality.

I have . . . been resilient in overcoming misfortune.

I wish . . . people would learn to disagree without being hateful, mean, and spiteful.

I hate . . . feeling like I am worthless.

I fear . . . growing old and not accomplishing anything worthwhile.

I hear . . . the ticking of clocks.

I search . . . for answers to questions that have no response.

I wonder . . . if the world really exists, or is merely the figment of some other being's imagination.

I regret . . . not taking better care of my body when I was younger.

I love . . . my husband.

I never . . . expected to end up unable to work at my age.

I ache . . . for the sister I never had.

I always . . . believe in the best in people.

I usually . . . discover that my good intentions fall flat.

I am not . . . the best at reading the needs of others.

I dance . . . when no one is watching, and then I do it badly.

I sing . . . songs from the 1970s.

I sometimes . . . walk into a room and forget what I went in there for.

I cry . . . when I see man's inhumanity to man.

I am not always . . . happy.

I lose . . . my temper, sometimes.

I am confused . . . when people give me mixed signals.

I need . . . a hug!

I should . . . stop saying "I should."


  1. A hug would be nice. I need a hug, too.

  2. You. Are Not. Worthless. Do not ever say that or feel that, you hear me? (that was mama bear or my alter ego/evil twin saying that. wink) Everyone goes thru hard times, everyone. Blessings

  3. How the heck could anyone who sings songs from the greatest decade for music ever be worthless???????????????????????

  4. You are most certainly not worthless. Women all over the Globe are your sisters, though I do know what you mean. But women are basically sisters, unlike men who, for all their brotherly love, can't hold a candle to The Sisterhood. I think of you and your situation every day. you are close in the hearts and thoughts of so many. You aren't alone by any means. You can trust it.

  5. Here is a hug back i love the 70s music hope i grew up listening to the oldies. u have a great evening

  6. very good answers. happy Monday after our Sunday Stealing therapy

  7. I very much agree with your wish. I don't understand why everyone has to be so hateful just because people have different beliefs and ideas.

  8. I also find it difficult to understand why differences turn so brutal, it's heart aching...........a lot of my good intentions go tits up, too!


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